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Local SEO Tips To Improve Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2017-09-13

Local SEO Tips To Improve Search Engine Visibility

With the search giant Google offering a more localized search results for user-generated queries, a sense of urgency for local search engine optimization has taken a toll on the businesses all over the world. Every business wants to mark presence on Google's first page to grasp the fancy of the local audience instantly. And to do so, they need to localize their on-page and off-page SEO strategies. This would help the business to target the local audiences, who may be in search for products/services they offer.

If seen closely, local SEO is a simple game of visibility and ranking. A business that appears on top for the searched keyword in the particular location grabs more leads and eventually enjoys higher sales. But how does one do it, how does a business get higher rank for localized searches? The answer to this question lies in the SEO tips that we've discussed below. Give them a thorough read and incorporate them into your SEO strategy to dominate the local search results.

Create Content That Matters

The first step towards an effective local SEO is to have a localized content that matters to the people. Have a buyer persona in your mind about the people, their interests, behavior, and their customs to create a content that really matters to them. Analyze your competitors content and research the relevant local keywords to optimize your website for various search engines. Search for more targeted local keywords that your audience might be typing in the search box. Start publishing content that your local audience can easily identify. Add location modifiers to the content you publish. Whatever you write upon, always remember to keep your content insightful, useful, actionable and shareable for the local user community.

Encourage Online Reviews

Did you know that 84% of the online buyers put as much trust in online reviews as they would in a personal recommendation? Well, this conclusion came out as a surprise to many conducting the BrightLocal's annual Local Consumer Review Survey. Moreover, the survey also revealed that more than 70% of the users would be willing to add an online review if the business asked them to do so. Keeping these findings in mind, it is important the businesses start encouraging their local users and buyers to actively leave online reviews for the other potential buyers. Respond to any review that is left for your business. Try to get as many reviews as possible from users especially on your Facebook business page and your Google My Business Page. This not only promotes your business locally with the people but also opens the doors to first search result page.

Get Listed In Local Online Directories

Roughly 4 out of every 5 consumers conduct local searches on the search engine before many any online purchase. They go through various online directories to find specific service or product in their location. To get this traffic to your website, it is indispensable that you get your online business listed on all the local directories. Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle etc., should be a priority while getting listed. The biggies like Google My Business and Bing Places should never be left behind while listing the business online as they are capable of providing incredible exposure online. Make sure you add the latest contact information and correct name of the business while listing it on these online directories so that people can directly contact you.

Build Local Links

Link building plays a pivotal role in the success of any SEO strategy. Building local links and effective local backlinking can magically increase the search engine visibility. You need to start researching the local websites and online businesses first. If they have a local directory on them, simply get listed by contacting them. Another way to build local links is by interacting with the local audience on the blogs posted by these state/city-run websites. Join the local businesses and get connected with the business communities and clubs around town to get high-quality backlinks. Don't just get links from any local website, focus your efforts on getting quality links from authoritative sites to get higher SERP ranking.

Get Local Schema Markup

Adding Schema Markup, often referred to as Structured Data Markup, in the website codes is an effective way to get your business's reviews, services, products and other related information displayed on various search engines. Make your local business stand out by using this schema markup in your codes as only 31.3% of businesses are adding this markup currently in their websites. By having a structured data, you would allow the Google spiders to crawl easily through the website and give it a higher ranking. The organic CTR (Click Through Rate) can be significantly increased through placing schema markup on the website which would eventually lead to higher SERP ranking.

Along with the local SEO tips discussed above, have a well-planned strategy for local on-page search engine optimization for your business. Keyword addition, unique content, image optimization, title tags, meta descriptions, anchor text optimization, URL structure, and mobile responsiveness are some of the best practices for local on-page optimization. Try this SEO strategy with your online business once and enjoy the first page ranking for your local business.

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