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Live chat operation tips and tutorial

Tips & Tutorial | Admin | Updated: 2010-01-27

Live chat operation tips and tutorial

A business creates its website in order to promote itself and reach to the masses. A well designed and equipped website is a key to a successful business. Many features have been developed in order to make the business more accessible to the clients. Shopping cart, Comment box, Suggestion box, Enquiry form are some of the features that help connect the clients to the business. The most recent development is the Live Chat Option on the website.

Direct or Live chat with the clients can help your business to grow swiftly. It is provided for client's convenience and is used for pre-sales enquiries as well as for customer support. This enables the clients to clear their doubts and also complain about the products. It is a faster means of getting response from the clients and the clients can receive solutions at the earliest. But there are various pitfalls associated to it that have to be avoided. We give you tips that will help in making your live chat a useful option.

  • Response time should be faster : The customers enquiring about a product should not be made to wait for long. The reply should be fast as any delay might end up in losing a customer. The delay might occur due to various reasons like multi tasking of the operator, network problem, etc. but that should not affect the chat.
  • Avoid using canned text : Canned text is the pre-constructed responses that are made in order to save time. In a hurry wrong text is sent, which leads to confusion. The client loses interest in the chat.
  • Avoid employing operators who doesn't know English : Try and employ people who can speak both Hindi and English. Non-English speaking operators often land up into problems while communicating. The operator must also be thorough in basic grammar so as to understand even the wrongly spelt or grammatically incorrect chat.
  • Browser compatibility : The software used for the live chat should be properly tested. Many live chats are slow and at times carry various broken links that leads to slowing down of the process.
  • Email transcript is a must : Every live chat conversation should carry an email transcript at the end. It helps the user to get back to the business whenever needed and does not have to repeat his needs or complaints as the data is stored in the message thread.

Live chat if used in a proper manner is an important tool for business marketing. Live chat software should be bought from recognized firms only. Also, above mentioned tips shall help a business use its Live Chat effectively and make best out of it.

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