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Lies that Your SEO Company May Tell You

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Last Updated: 2012-08-16

Lies that Your SEO Company May Tell You

With boom in internet marketing and E-commerce, a large share of marketing budget is being diverted towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Entrepreneurs are now visualizing SEO as a long term marketing strategy and thus, are ready to invest a large share of their marketing budgets on companies providing SEO suggestions. Good, if you have the same plan, but before doing so, you must know and learn about few SEO myths, so that your SEO Company may not deceive you with misleading/outdated suggestions, like:

  • Stress On The High Technical Aspects : SEO Companies may want to stress the high technical aspects involved in SEO. You need to be skeptical about this as even though SEO jobs do include the algorithms of the Search Engines, it is more of a consideration of the logical ways in which a Spider behaves. By briefing you about the High Technicality of the SEO job, the SEO Company might just be readying you for an exorbitant price.
  • Keywords In Meta Tags : If your SEO Company says that adding the keywords in the Meta Tags will improve the ranking of the web page, it is another lie which Your SEO Company is Telling You. All the Search Engines have stopped ranking the pages based on the Meta Tags.
  • If The Traffic Is High, It Is A Good SEO Job Done : You need to consider the rate at which the visitors are leaving the site along with the rate at which they are coming in. SEO Companies may link your website to irrelevant sites which will definitely increase the traffic to the site but once the visitor realizes that your website does not meet his requirements, he will leave faster than he came in. This is not going to help your business at all.
  • Guarantee Of No. 1 Rank In The Popular Search Engines : Do not trust Your SEO Company's guaranty on ensuring the No. 1 rank in the popular Search Engines, however convincing they may seem. Your SEO Company may be able to achieve this for a page in your website which contains content not directly relevant to your business. The Search Engines will definitely rank the page high if its content is unique but that will not serve the purpose if such content is hardly searched for. Also, with Google personalizing the searches, it is not possible to guarantee a No. 1 rank with Google.

You need to understand that Your SEO Company is also just another business organization trying to sell its services. You thus, need to apply the same precautions which you apply while listening to the marketers of any other business.

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