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latest trends in SEO?

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2009-11-07

latest trends in SEO?

It is very essential to update the SEO trends because website designers randomly employ the tricks as to how their sites can get higher ranking. To sideline the websites, which frequently use keywords and Meta tags to make themselves easily detected by the search engine spider, search engines have to upgrade themselves. Text optimization, Flash optimization and Image optimization have been the firm pillars of SEO, which have enabled the websites to acquire higher search engine rankings. With the advancing of time, novel and more organized trends have emerged in the market.

The latest trends adopted by SEO:

  • Geographic optimization
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Inbound Links

Geographic optimization :

Besides image, text and flash optimization, geographic optimization is a technique of SEO that a website designer incorporates on the demands of the client. The aim of this optimization method is to include web pages on search engine's listings for users who streamline their search on the basis of a particular geographical location. This method lets you find the right market for your business and simplifies the marketing strategies.

Social bookmarking :

It is yet another budding trends in SEO, through which an internet user can search, organize, manage and share bookmarks (internet shortcuts). Descriptions in the form of metadata (text comments and tags) are added to the bookmarks that a user can view without downloading the resource.

Advantages of social bookmarking :

  • With the emergence of social bookmarking, more internet users have started using bookmarks in order to share their common interests of pooling web sources.
  • The bookmarking services allow the users to save and access bookmarks anywhere.
  • This method is more efficient than many classification software like search engine spiders.
  • The web pages that remains unnoticed by the web spiders are easily found and bookmarked by the process of social .
  • bookmarking and also ranks a website on the basis of the number of times it has been bookmarked..

Thus it has been an effective way by which a site can increase its rankings.

Article marketing :

Companies, in order to promote their trade have adopted a new trend of article marketing. In this short articles related to the respective businesses are written and released for distribution in the market. Each article comprises of a byline and a bio-box, which include contact information and references of the author's trade. The articles with well-written content increase the prospects of drawing more clients and also helps to escalate the author's business reliability. The bio box within the article mainly contains backlinks that takes the visitor to the author's main website. This in turn leads to higher ranking of the website. Article marketing has proved its worth as a strong SEO trend by enabling numerous internet marketing ventures to gain success.

Blogging :

Quite new and popular trend. In fact putting up your content rich blogs on various blogging sites like blogflux, wordpress, blogspot, etc. has become the latest trend of promoting your business on internet. It has proved to be highly effective to improve your website's ranking on the leading search engines.

Inbound links :

They are hyperlinks transiting domains. These links are the references that take the reader to another document, hence promoting it. They are of great significance as several search engines rank web pages based on the number of inbound links it contains.

If all these trends are followed and incorporated during designing of your website it will definitely make your website crawled faster by the search engine spider and your website will receive higher ranking. Higher ranking in turn means more visitors and more business, actually getting the desired from your website.

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