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Increase Your Blog Traffic by 10% Monthly

Tips & Tutorial | Poonam | Updated: 2019-12-23

Increase Your Blog Traffic by 10% Monthly

There's no doubt that professional bloggers and new bloggers are a species that can be found worldwide. They are highly active creatures, some might be globetrotters, fashion influencers, foodies, fitness experts, and the list goes on. It doesn't matter for what industry they're indulged or whether their platform has a dynamic website design or static website design. All that matters is the connectivity with their readers. The more a blogging platform stays updated, more traffic it attracts.

The online traffic is of two types- Organic and Paid.

  • The organic traffic is the traffic that shows your website or blog results in top searches. It happens when a user enters a specific keyword and your site pops up. On the other hand, the Paid traffic is the traffic that is browbeaten via annoying adverts. In the technical language, it is called click-baiting.
  • Since these kinds of traffics exist, no blogging platform or a website will ever face traffic problems. But, attracting organic traffic is more valuable as per the stratagem defined by Google. Though paying for traffic is utilized by most of the budding bloggers, you can easily magnetize organic traffic. We've compiled a list of some proven tactics that'll bear fruits for sure.

Write That's Trending

Jotting down a random topic or rant, just because it is exciting, is tempting for a blogger. But the hard truth is that such posts cannot survive for the long run. Thus, to spice up, you should bring the content people are searching. As a blogger, you must have strong SEO muscles that'll help in lifting organic traffic tag on your website. What's more, you have to do some homework to understand what people really search on Google.

Promotion on Social Media

You don't need to be a marketing maven for promoting your blogs. But yes, it is a necessity to promote the blog and there's no better platform than social media! To kickstart it, integrate and schedule the blog content to take it to the next level. Infect your posts with multiple hashtags that will fuel the visibility of your blog posts. If you got some visual content, crosslink it on different social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram to boost organic traffic results on the blog post.

Publish Frequently

The relationship between gasoline and car is the same as the relationship shared by blogging platform and posts. They can't work in each other's absence. When a blog starts receiving a positive response, you should start throwing up more engaging (and understandable stuff) for readers. Make them crave for more. Like, you're likely to gain more subscribers on committing them to show again with a fresh post with a different theme next week. And, not to forget, unveil a small teaser of what all they'll get to see in your next post.

Infotain Your Readers

Do you prefer scrolling through a blog containing no visuals and bland content, even if its informative? Only the bookworms and geeks might agree but on a major scale, the blog should appear and sound pleasing. Most of the blogging platforms today have a static website design and without any visual, it would be monotonous for readers. There's a major probability that they can skip reading further. Thus, remember to make your blog posts engaging for readers.

Feed Backlinks to Your Blog

When you become familiar with crafting indulging content, your work deserves some recognition. However, gaining backlinks is a hard nut to crack for new bloggers. Even professional bloggers have to give their best to acquire backlinks. The prime benefit of acquiring backlinks is the upgrade in Google rankings. Do not get disheartened, there are several ways to magnetize backlinks. Take a look how:

  • Write guest posts for other websites
  • Reach out influencers and experts to conduct their interviews for your blog. Most probably, they'll share your blog's link with their followers/subscribers
  • Another trick to gain backlinks is to add a link on different social media profiles that redirects all visitors to that website

The Question-Answer Game

There are several Question-Answer communities on the internet. Since these communities are huge, answering the questions put up by people prove to be beneficial. This is a proven tactic because answers tend to remain live for longer periods. This will be a great apprentice in diverting organic traffic to your blog.

Videos & GIFs Enhance Creativity

It isn't necessary to replenish the content with phrases and jargons. Sometimes, short clips, GIFs, and animations can turn tables without additional efforts. Static website designs with right visual graphics boost organic traffic because such blog posts/websites are visually appealing to readers.

Examine Keyword Rankings

Just by spending 10 minutes on your blog posts health, you can improvise the selection of right keywords that should be inserted in the write-up. This can be determined by utilizing a tool called Google Search Console alias GSC. This tool performs an overall analysis of the website's functionality.

Catchy Headers & Helpful Footers

If this blog post's headline wasn't catchy, we're sure you wouldn't have stopped by for giving it a read. While drafting a blog post, it becomes essential to brew the catchy headlines and footers that provide hope to readers. To catch a reader's attention, a blog should have a headline that triggers emotion of readers. It doesn't restrain here, your subheads should be creative as well unless you want to be damn informative about your work.

Old is Gold

Add some colors in your old blog posts by updating and sharing them. Several bloggers keep updating their previous blogs and share them instead of reframing. This helps a reader in acquiring the right content without investing additional efforts. Thus, it solves dual purpose from blogger's and reader's end alike.

We'll Be Back

What you perused above was just a collection of information as per the experience collected and information scattered on the internet (see, even we're grateful to updated sources!). If you've been applying the aforementioned tactics on your blogs posts, there's definitely a chance that your blogs will witness a boost. And if you want to scale success, get your hands on these techniques for a better experience.

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