Improve the Performance of Your Website with the New Site Speed Reports in Google Analytics

improve-the-performance-of-your-website-with-the-new-site-speed-reports-in-google-analyticsGoogle Analytics now, has an improved Site Speed Report with an expanded range of page loading metrics. The previous Site Speed Report in Google Analytics provided only the average Load Time of the page (time taken to open a page) along with a breakdown based on the speed ranges and the geographical location. The new Site Speed Report now provides the Load Time taken in various browsers and also analyses the load time for the different pages of the website and the images in them. The New Site Speed Report of Google Analytics has broken down the focus of the Speed Test into various components of the webpage.


Web Designers will swear by the number of components that a website is made of. Now, the loading of the page is actually the loading of its components like the Written Content, Images, Flash Videos, etc. Thus, the Load Time of the page depends on the Load Time of its components. The New Site Speed Report in Google Analytics, by reporting the individual time taken by the various components, pinpoints the exact areas which require an improvement in the time taken for it to load.


This not only saves you a lot of effort but also minimizes the time taken in the correction. The changes in the Load Time can also be added to the Intelligence Reports. This ensures that significant changes in the Load Time of the website get automatically reported to you via an e-mail or a text message. This facility of the New Site Speed Report eliminates the requirement of continuous surveillance.

The New Site Speed Report provides ample data for you to ensure that the visitor does not leave your Website because of the long time it takes to load.


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