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Tips & Tutorial | Admin | Updated: 2013-02-14


Ever stopped to wonder why some website addresses start with http, while others begin with https? Did you ever try to find out the difference, if there is one? No! Not to worry as this write-up will help you understand the basic differences between HTTP & HTTPS.

What Is HTTP

In simple words, HTTP (or Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is an internet communication protocol that makes it easier to transmit & receive information over the Internet. With HTTP the exchange of information between the server and client becomes easier, faster & accurate.


HTTPS or (HTTP + SSL) is nothing but a modification of the standard HTTP communication to make it more secure. HTTPS means that the website & the web server with which one is communicating is secure & there is no scope of eavesdropping.

HTTP Vs HTTPS - The Basic Differences Between The Two

  • HTTPS is used when there is need for a secure connection & there is need for proper security protocols to prevent unauthorized access. Though initially HTTPS connections were utilized for sensitive data transfer, or online monetary transactions, now HTTPS connections are increasingly being used for securing user data on all kinds of websites.
  • The default port for a HTTP connection is 80 while the default port used by a HTTPS connection is 443.
  • The information exchanged between the client and server is encrypted & can be only decoded by the two parties in question. A third party will not be able to eavesdrop & tap into sensitive information as is possible with an HTTP connection.
  • HTTPS connections require a public key certificate to be created. This public key certificate needs to be signed & verified by a reliable certificate authority.

Most web browsers today display a warning if they come across a server with an invalid certificate which ensures that the users can have a secure session online. HTTPS connections mean protection from attacks by eavesdroppers & other malcontent in the virtual world. By using an HTTPS connection, one can secure their sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands & have a secure session. Find High Security Dedicated Servers for Website Hosting here.

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