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How Web Design Impacts Search Engine Visibility

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2014-03-20

How Web Design Impacts Search Engine Visibility
Whats the most important element in a website? Is it its aesthetic quotient, functionality, navigation, content or something else? This is a question lacking a universal answer. Depending upon the nature of industry, the website is designed to serve, the prospective users, the objectives, and a multitude of other factors, the value of each of the parameters mentioned above comes into play. However, today when a website vies with millions of competitors, for visibility, search engine friendliness is undoubtedly important attribute. Here, a question pops up- is there any link between web design and search engine visibility of a particular website. The following section enlightens us on this relation.
  • Reports by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts suggest that there is s correlation between web design and the websites visibility on search engine. The correlation may be negative or positive depending on how appealing, meaningful, and useful the web design is.
  • An updated web design serves as a complement to SEO tactics. A website successful to generate traffic but unable to hold the attention of the visitors letting them bounce off doesnt worth much. A well-planned web design is instrumental in retaining the qualified leads to the website and in motivating them to act towards conversion.
  • In this age, more and more handheld devices are there to compete with desktops and laptops. Tablets and smartphones are youngsters first choice. They access internet on the go and in such scenario, a responsive web design that can adapt as per the viewing device, holds great importance. It really serves as an important criterion for high ranking by popular search engines.
  • Web design holds significance from the perspective of brand building as well. The reputation may not seem to have a direct benefit in immediate organic searches but in the long run it really matters. Search Engines do rate the websites on their reputation as well so if you are a long time player, you must be very selective and thoughtful about your websites design.
Uniform page layouts, effective meta-tags, the right set of keywords used with right frequency and on the relevant pages, etc. all form a part of a structured website. Now that you are aware of the important role of web design in your websites visibility you must analyze if it lacks on the parameters described above and get it redesigned by a Professional Website Designing Company. Remember, neglecting web design can have a negative impact on your websites visibility. Request a Free Quote

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