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How To Track Who Has Unfollowed You On Twitter

Social Media Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2014-01-07

How To Track Who Has Unfollowed You On Twitter

Microblogging is a new-age social networking trend which is a service enabled by the popular social networking website Twitter. Celebrities and famous personalities post their updates and writings on this social networking website to interact with the fans and followers. Apart from celebrities Twitter provides a platform to the common man to post their writings and views on various issues. Follower count on Twitter account is an important asset for a user as it signifies that how popular he is.

Therefore a drop in the follower count on your twitter account may evidently be quite significant for you. You may want to check that who has unfollowed you but twitter does not provide any such option to find out this and finding out followers by name and photograph is also difficult if you have a long list of followers. If finding out about your followers who have unfollowed you is so important for you then you can use any of these third-party applications:

  • Goodbye, Buddy! By granting authorization for checking your Twitter account and following @GoodbyeBuddy profile, you can obtain a list of unfollowers on daily basis which will be accounted once a day by this analytical tool.
  • Mr. Unfollower This service can help you in tracking the activities of your followers and will notify you in case someone has unfollowed you on Twitter. You may receive unfollower notifications once a day through message or e-mail.
  • SocialBro This Twitter analytical tool offers you many ways for managing and analyzing your Twitter community. It not just tracks the users who have unfollowed you but will also provide you the list of people whom you follow and they don't follow you back.
  • TwUnfollow This application does not require you to like it on Twitter. All you need to do is visit its website, login with your Twitter account and register your account to get notifications about who has unfollowed you on Twitter. Whenever you feel the need of checking your unfollower list, you can directly check it on your TwUnfollow profile.

You may also avail Unfollower Tracking Service from any of the Social Media Optimization Company. These companies will not just help you in finding out about the people who have unfollowed you but will also help you in increasing your social quotient and attracting more followers on Twitter.

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    11 November, 2018 at 10:25 am

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