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How to Optimize Flash for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2010-04-28

How to Optimize Flash for Search Engines

The web pages were boring and had simple designs before the introduction of Flash. Flash came to be in use in the late 1990s and transformed the face of the web field. The web pages now made using Flash are interactive and eye-catchy. They are able to hold the attention of the visitors and have helped the businesses to acquire more business. But the problem that arises with the Flash animations is that it does not get easily optimized by the search engines that hamper the promotional value of the websites or web pages. Here in this write up we will provide you with some ways to optimize Flash for search engines.
But first just have a look at some basics about flash.

What is Flash?

It is a technology that is designed to bring in interactivity to the pages. It was invented by Macromedia and distributed by Adobe. Advertisements, banners, videos, etc. can be easily incorporated in the web pages with the help of Flash.

How is flash useful for sites?

  • It enables even the huge sized files to be placed in the sites.
  • Gets easily combined with different technologies like PHP, XML, Video sound, etc. so it is ideal for creating dynamic websites.

How to optimize Flash for search engines?

There are certain technical Flash SEO methods that if added to Flash will facilitate in its easy optimization.

Following are those methods :

  • Use NOEMBED tag : NOEMBAD and NOFRAME tags are used on the flash pages so that they easily get indexed. The content has to be inserted between the noembed and its tags.
  • Use CSS : Incorporate CSS element along with JavaScript SWFObject. This lets you identify when the flash can be viewed by the browser. Search engine spiders do not easily crawl over the Flash made pages and rather index the primary page that carries the text, headings, etc. This will lead you to witness high SERPs.
  • Create a Flash site in HTML version : Offer the search engines the flash site's HTML version that will be easily crawled over by the spiders. Having distinct HTML pages for all flash pages, enable the visitors to see the page easily. The page ranking will shoot up this way.
  • Use swf2html : It is a SDK tool with the help of which the text is extracted from a Flash File and converted to HTML document. This will automatically help in increasing the search engine rankings.

Thus using these methods it will be ensured that your flash enabled website will easily be indexed by the search engines and will obtain higher page rankings.

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