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How To Increase Website Traffic Through Proper Use Of Keywords

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2013-07-29

How To Increase Website Traffic Through Proper Use Of Keywords

For anybody who has anything to do with website design, directly or indirectly, the term Keywords would not be unheard of. In fact, with e-commerce becoming the need of the hour, having a well-designed and optimized website is an absolute necessity for business owners. Keywords are a vital part of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO in short). SEO experts have been harping on about the importance of Keywords for some time now, & they are right too. With proper use & placement of Keywords, it is possible to increase the website traffic to a considerable extent.

Tips On How To Make Proper Use Of Keywords

  • Keyword Research is vital for the success of the SEO strategy. Keyword Research is directly proportional to the success of the SEO plan i.e. more the research that is put into finding the best keywords, more the chances of success. It is important to create Keywords that describe the web page or the whole website in the best manner, for e.g. if you are in textile business & want to drive traffic to your web page featuring Pashmina Shawls, a strong keyword would be Pashmina Shawls in Delhi.
  • Another strategy is to ensure that the keyword is placed in the Title Tag of the Index Page. An important point to note is that the keyword should be incorporated into the title naturally.
  • Google Adwords is a great tool to utilize to look up niche Keywords that have enough searches. Finding niche Keywords with less competition (with enough searches) is the winning combination that could ultimately decide the efficacy of the SEO strategy.
  • The niche keyword should be placed near the top of the index page i.e. in the first paragraph of the page content itself, to be more precise. The keyword should be included in the Heading Tags as well as the subs headings, wherever relevant.

By making best use of keywords, traffic to the website can be increased to quite an extent, & the best thing about this is that it can be done without incurring the expenses related to conventional advertising.

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