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How Often a Website should be updated

Tips & Tutorial | Admin | Updated: 2009-10-09

How Often a Website should be updated

Websites are created with a sole purpose of attracting maximum E traffic and retaining them as regular visitors. There are many factors that influence the achievement of the same like its design, information, user friendliness, navigation ease etc., are we missing out the one? Yes with all that, frequent updating of website plays a crucial role in its success. The Standard Interval to update a website cannot be fixed because every website has different structure, audience, purpose and type of information. Somehow, these factors greatly influence the Ideal interval to update the website. There are some alarms to set yourself to update your website.

Don't wait update your website immediately, if:

  • You have expanded your product/service portfolio.
  • You have modified the structure or package of current offerings.
  • You are launching special offers.
  • Your calendar has shown the new cycle of events.
  • Graced with a new award achievement.
  • You are ready with fresh arrivals.
  • You receive a feedback on technical functioning of error.
  • You receive a feedback for error in content.
  • You receive a query for more information on website.
  • You have modified the terms and conditions or privacy policy.

Plan a schedule for website update

Content :

In span of every 4 to 6 months, you should evaluate the content of your website. Judge it on the criteria of visitors expectation, user friendliness and facts. Weigh it on the scale of contemporary trends and figure out now what new will entertain and retain your visitors. It will be better if the content is changed every 4-5 months so that your website gives your visitors something that they could not get elsewhere. Giving the visitors a welcome change is the most important part. If the content is not changed, then the web spiders may bookmark your website and gradually it will go down on the search engines list.

Important : Before doing so ensure that this should not discomfort the regular visitors, if there are some important information that your visitor expect every time they land on website, do not change it or update it in a style that is not drastic.

Web design :

Web design of a website is normally suggested to be updated in span of a year or so, yet as discussed above there is no standard rule. You can decide its need based on the feedbacks you are receiving from visitors. Review the design considering its utility in present-days scenario, have a look on similar websites, check out the section becoming monotonous, sections disliked (less visited) by the visitors. Jot down these facts to conclude the changes required in design of your website. New ideas will generate better visitors and better visitors will ensure that your website is in the forefront on the search engines list.

Important : Before heading towards it, take experts opinions. They may stop you from repetition of mistakes made on first design and guide on the specific requirements. Also, consider that new design do not distract the visitors or do not fade up your identity. So, In order to keep the web traffic busy you have to frequently update your website so that it is in sync with the changing taste and fashion. If you do not keep on updating your website people will lose interest and automatically newer websites with better content/design will make it over your website.

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