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Google Releases Mobile-Friendly Labels In Mobile Search Results

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2014-11-24

Google Releases Mobile-Friendly Labels In Mobile Search Results

In its latest initiative to offer a good web browsing experience to mobile searchers, Google has added Mobile-Friendly Labels in its mobile search results. What this basically means is that there will be a text label under the URL that reads Mobile-friendly in the mobile search results. The mobile friendly text label will tell the mobile searchers which websites are mobile friendly and which are not. This is good news indeed for mobile searchers as they will be saved from clicking on a specific search result, only to find that the website has not been optimized for mobile viewing. With the introduction of these mobile friendly labels, mobile searchers will be able to avoid pages where - the text is too small, links are almost miniature in size & too closely placed, where the user has to be scroll sideways in order to view the whole text & so on.

How Googlebot Determines Whether A Page Is Mobile Friendly Or Not?

Mentioned below are the criteria based on which your website will be termed as Mobile-friendly by the Googlebot:-

  • Fit-to-screen sizes so that mobile users do not face any trouble in browsing through the pages
  • Text is readable without having to use the zoom feature
  • Avoids software that is not mobile friendly
  • Links are placed at a fair distance from each other, so that mobile users do not have any problems in clicking the right one.

How To Ensure That Your Website Meets The Mobile Friendly Criteria?

  • Go through the Webmasters Mobile Guide for tips on how to create and improve a mobile friendly website.
  • Go to Google webmasters tools & get a Mobile Usability Report on your website. This report will point out all the mobile usability issues across the entire website.
  • If you are using third-party software such as Joomla, WordPress, etc., read the How-To Guide For Third-Party Software to ensure mobile friendly template.
  • Use Mobile-friendly text to check your pages.Available in English, these tools & documentation will soon be provided in other languages as well. Google has announced the mobile friendly labels as the first step to improving the mobile browsing experience for mobile users and encourage website owners to design mobile website for their Business.

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