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Google Allo: Interesting Features And Cool Facts

Tips & Tutorial | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2017-08-18

Google Allo: Interesting Features And Cool Facts

Google Allo, a smart instant messaging app, was launched by Google on 21st September 2016. It recently underwent a major update which would allow the users to now make Google Duo calls right from the Allo app. Initially, the tech-gurus considered the unavailability of voice and video calling the biggest limitation of the Allo application. However, Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager for Allo and Duo, and Nick Fox, VP of Communications Products, announced this long-awaited integration of the two communication apps a few days back and would reach out on every device within the next six months. While the preexisting features of Allo have already been a big hit among the people, this essential voice and video calling feature would certainly strengthen the chances of Allo taking over other messaging apps.

Before we move forward and talk about other cool and interesting facts about Allo, let's first have a quick look at the top features offered by Allo that make it more than just a messaging app.

It's More Than Just A Messaging App

Unlike other messaging applications, Google Allo has a number of features that make it stand out among others. It was launched for both the Android and the iOS mobile operating systems as a smart messaging application. It serves a number of purposes and lets the user say more and do more things through chatting. It comes with many features that make it more than just a messaging app. Let's have a look.

Google Assistant :

Most of us, who have used the Artificial Intelligence-based assistants like Siri and Cortana, have appreciated their instant assistance. Google Allo would come with its own personal assistant called Google Assistant that would help you become smarter at messaging. This Google Assistant lets you do a number of functions while simultaneously chatting with your friends. You can check your latest emails, book flights, check the weather, set reminders, find restaurants, see latest sports scores and also play interesting games through this personal AI-based assistant. You just need to type the command and it would perform all the functions mentions mentioned above without closing the app.

Creative Fun:

Google Allo lets you explore your creative side with the new stickers, images, and emoticons that it offers. You can choose from a large number of stickers to send to the person and even search them using the assistant. What's more is that you can also draw doodles on the images before sending them to the person on the other end. Not just text and drawings, Allo also allows you to add stickers on top of your images to offer a smarter and more creative messaging experience.

Quick Selfie :

There's no denying that the Selfie trend has become a big craze among today's generation. With Google Allo's new Quick Selfie feature you can click selfies and send them to the person you are chatting in a fraction of seconds. This feature is expected to come with the next update of Allo. According to 9to5Google, the camera icon is placed on the right side of the text field, which launches the front camera of your phone on tapping. After taking the snap, you can either send it to the person on your chat or just trash it.

Access To Google Photos :

Google drive is one of the largest and the most secure cloud for backing up photos. Unlike other messaging apps, you do not have to download the pictures from the drive first to send it to the other person on Allo. It allows easy access to the pictures saved on the drive through Google Photos.

Incognito Mode For Group Chats :

There are a number of messaging apps that allow incognito mode for personal chats. With Google Allo's predicted update, you will be able to hide even your group chats. It would allow the user to create groups in an incognito mode and send or receive messages on that group without anyone recording the chat log. You can set expiration for the messages and your Google instant messages would disappear from the screen like expiring content.

Easy History Search :

Enough of loading pages after pages to search a particular message you've sent to the other person. Google Allo allows the users to search any text or information from the previous in just one simple step. Just type search followed by the words you remember and it would instantly load the desired search results.

Cool Facts About Allo With so many features available in Google Allo, it is certain that Allo is the smartest messaging application available for Android and iOS users. Let's have a look at some of the other cool facts that make Allo the best.

  • Google Assistant can be reached out just by typing @google
  • It has a smart reply feature that offers quick and apt reply suggestions
  • Allo scans your pictures to come up with the perfect reply that you can send
  • You can also change the text font size in Allo
  • Drawing images, writing texts and adding stickers on images can also be done on Allo

The fun with Allo doesn't stop here. You can goof around and have someone to talk to all the time with Google Assistant always by your side. Install Allo now and enjoy the fun replies that you'll get from this smart Google Assistant.

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