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Not getting enough traffic? Check out these scrutinized reasons

Search Engine Optimization | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2019-07-11

Not getting enough traffic? Check out these scrutinized reasons

Every business running has one goal that is to increase sales and profit as much as possible. And all this starts with a simple process which is to increase traffic on the website. But maximum number of e-commerce website owners is worried about the situation why their website is not getting enough traffic.
Yes, it has been the major problem of many business owners engaged in internet marketing. Below are the top reasons to know why your website does not get enough traffic.

Inappropriate keywords or weak SEO optimization

Each niche has a certain set of keywords that they need to aim for in order to rank decently on Google. You need to target specific keyword phrases important to your potential audience. If not done properly you could miss out a valuable organic search ranking opportunities. Hence, execute proper keyword research; get lots of search volume but less competition.

Faulty links

Yet another very usual reason that affects traffic on your website is lost or faulty links. Have you ever witnessed that infamous error 404? Well, check for that page where it is on your site. You may have redirected the page, or you may have changed the URL and did not make the interconnection by 301 redirects. This can lead to the loss of links, and this will surely lead to a decrease in traffic.

Unattractive titles and descriptions

Your title tags and Meta descriptions are the pieces of information that Google usually displays in its search engine results pages (SERPs). The title is the headline, and the description is the explanatory text beneath it. If your headlines and descriptions are boring or nonexistent, the users might see you in search engines but never feel compelled to click your result.

No mobile optimization

These days, mobile users now make up the majority of traffic from search engines and should be specially catered to. Hence, mobile optimization is a must.

It is the course of action to make your site more functional for mobile users. It consists of making your website content simple to read in mobile without zooming or scrolling. It is ensuring the compatibility of your images and videos and makes sure your buttons and forms are easily communicating.

Low-quality hosting

This problem is quite common. Visits to your website can undoubtedly be swayed by the quality of your chosen hosting. Don't let your users when it is getting fixed. To attain excellence at hosting, make sure that uptime is certainly as high as possible.

Clunky and confusing navigation

Your navigation plays a major role in how your site looks and functions, not only to users but also to search engines. In first sight, your users should be able to figure out exactly what the main segments of your website are, why they're important and how to reach them.

Incorrect indexing

Indexing is the process by which Google sends crawlers to your site to view, categorize content, and position you on the search engine. If the indexing is done incorrectly it will not appear on Google and therefore, will not have traffic.

Well, you have to find the answer to these entire problems by taking up certain actions. Actually, you need to compare each and every feature of your website with a leading website. There are many SEO companies in India that can help you sort out these problems.

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