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How to get a website indexed ?

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2009-10-03

How to get a website indexed ?

A website is a platform in the internet to showcase and promote ones enterprise. When a website is done with all its content and design, it has to be indexed by a competent search engine. If not, the entire effort will be a waste. The organization would lose potential clients. XML Sitemaps is the most convenient and reliable way to get websites indexed with Search Engines like Google and Yahoo! This is because in XML (eXtensible Markup Language), categorization of data is carried out in an organized format. To say in easy words, XML is a text file. Each text is preceded by a starting tag () and succeeded by an ending tag (). Let's cite an example:

https://www.weblinkindia.net/ 1.00 daily
After creating an XML sitemap for the website, the concluding step requires informing search engines about its presence. If its Google, a free account has to be created in Google's Webmasters Tools. Next the search engine will ask for validation of the website. The process involves creating a validation file and putting it in the root of the site and, preparing a special META tag which requires to be uploaded on the Home Page. An empty file (0 bytes) has to be created and named according to the hexadecimal file name provided by Google. The final step involves copying the file in the root dictionary on the website and informing Google about its presence with a push on the button. On most occasions, Google proves to be prompt in picking up new pages.

The procedure is almost the same in case of Yahoo! Once the site is added in its Site Explorer tool, validation becomes mandatory. Here, the steps are even simpler. The file can be created with a one-click button. Yahoo! Will assign it a name which has to be copied to the root directory of the website. Now let Yahoo! know the site exists. Wait for 3-4 weeks (at times it may take even less time) before your website sails on the ocean of internet.

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