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Free Vs Paid Monthly Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

Ecommerce | Admin | Last Updated: 2014-05-12

Free Vs Paid Monthly Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

Once you logon to the e-commerce store, you need to decide between a free shopping cart and a paid monthly cart (licensed cart). While both have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is important to know about both the options beforehand. There are a number of differences between a free shopping cart and a paid e-commerce solution. Here are listed some factors that can be considered while choosing between the two options:

Security Free shopping carts are not always secure; this can be quite problematic for some customers. These shopping carts run on an open source and they are more vulnerable to the hackers who are in search of credit card numbers. Paid monthly carts provide complete security to the customers. They use advanced software to reduce the chances of getting hacked by online hackers.

Cost Free shopping carts are available for free. They do not demand for any monthly fee. While on the other hand, you get tied up for paying a particular amount of money in the case of pay monthly cart solutions. You will have to pay this amount whatever the case of the website maybe.

Flexibility With an open source shopping cart, you can install, develop, and maintain it by yourself. This would mean greater flexibility as you will be able to customize your shopping application whenever required. Choosing a paid monthly shopping cart would make you lose the flexibility. Those who prefer to experiment with different things in the e-commerce store may find it quite restrictive.

Updates In case of going for a free shopping cart, you will be responsible on your own to check if your shopping cart software is updated. While in the case of paid monthly cart solutions, your software will be automatically updated from time to time.

Support Paid monthly cart solutions provide with helpful in-house support team that assists you in case you face any problems while shopping. In case of free shopping carts, you will have to solve your problems on your own without getting any assistance from anyone. As listed above, both Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions have different advantages and disadvantages. It is quite tricky to choose between the two options. Before choosing any of the solutions, you should keep in mind the pros and cons of both the solutions. Request a Free Quote

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