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Drop In SERP Rankings: Check These 7 Factors Now!

Search Engine Optimization | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2016-11-15

Drop In SERP Rankings: Check These 7 Factors Now!

Today, the world turns its head towards internet for all its needs and whims. Whether one has to buy the latest Google Pixel or search the best restaurant to go on a romantic date, Google is his/her one stop shop for every requirement. But, how buyers choose the best from the innumerable results shown by the internet? Simple, they just go through the first few links that are displayed in their search result. Online portals work hard to achieve this first-page ranking, and in the same effort, companies hire SEO professionals that optimize websites to increase their SERPs.

Why Did My SERP Ranking Fall?

So you incorporated all the SEO strategies to take your SERP ranking to your desired level. And one fine day you realize that all the hard work has gone in vain. All the keywords that you stuffed and other tactics that you used have gone down the drain in a jiffy. You realize that your weeks and months of uphill battle have turned out to be nothing, but a waste of time. This is quite disheartening, both for the SEO professional as well as the website owner. Listed below are the factors that can be responsible for this sudden loss of SERP rankings and how you can deal with them to regain your position.

  • When You Are Taken Over By Other Competitive Site

This is a common problem faced by many websites. They work diligently to reach all the way to this level and then a new website takes over the internet by storm. The new links that are added on Google are not in your hand, you have no control over who comes up with fresh ideas, but what you can do is gather more fresh links or better still check your existing links. Many online tools like Ahref, SEMrush, Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO come handy to perform timely analysis of your backlinks.

  • When You Have Many Backlinks But Less Referring Domains

This is yet another issue related to backlinks. If you have incorporated many backlinks from the same referring domain, then it is of less use. A sudden loss of SERP rankings can be an outcome of this mistake. Instead of having many backlinks from the same domain, try to have a different back link from different domains. Encountering downfall is a sign that you need to increase the number of referring domains.

  • When You Redesign Your Website

Have you incorporated new structural changes in your website? Did you give it a makeover? Well, this may be one of the reasons why you could not see your website on the first page of Google's search result. To optimize your search engine result, it is advised that you use 301-redirect while you redesign your web page to keep your web traffic cemented to your site.

  • When You Suddenly Lose Your Backlinks

When you lose quality backlinks, your SERP rankings drop. These links may me unavailable or removed for some or the other reason, but your SERP rankings will be adversely affected by it. A loss of backlinks would lead to a drop in the number of referring domains, which will ultimately result in the downfall of your rankings.

  • When Your Website Faces A Server Problem

Ever tried opening a link on Google and the page refused to load? The message reflected on the page says that the server is down or page not found. This is dreaded by every SEO professional as it leads to a loss in the Google rankings. If you find out that the ranking of your page has suddenly dropped, then its time you have words with the server guy. Get this problem fixed to get you rankings back on track.

  • When Google Comes Up With New Algorithm Updates

Time and again, Google comes up with new algorithm updates to enhance the experience of web users. Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird, Google Panda, Google Pigeon, etc. get constantly updated. One needs to keep a check on these updates to not lose the rankings.

  • When There Is A Change In Search Trends

Web users come up with new queries each passing day. It is Google's responsibility to fetch results as per the queries. If your website is not updated with the latest SEO trends, then it may be a cause of concern. Your rankings may drop tremendously as they are incompetent with the latest search trends. To tackle this problem, just be up-to-date with the ongoing trends and make changes accordingly.

Gaining SERP rankings is a very long process, and seeing those hard-earned rankings go in vain makes one downhearted. If you ever come across such situation, just be patient and check out the aforementioned factors to get your website back on the Google's first result page.

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