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Essentials Of Building A Website

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2013-07-25

Essentials Of Building A Website

As most people are aware today, a website is integral to any business that hopes to benefit from ecommerce. The success of a business in generating online sales largely depends on its website & how good it is. While building a website there are many aspects which need to be kept in mind, they are:-

  • Building A Website - Some Important Aspects Domain Name -

A domain name is like an address which net users utilize to find your website on the Internet. As far as possible, try to stick to .com as it is the most popular domain name in use today.

  • Purpose Of Website

It is important to decide the objective behind building the website beforehand. Do you want the website to promote your company, or want to showcase your product catalogue and sell online, or want to lure more customers, etc. or do you have any other purpose in mind?

  • Site Map

This involves deciding what all pages you want on your website. A good idea would be to make a map on a piece of paper listing the web pages in tree-diagram format e.g. Start from the Home Page on the top, then list others like Company Information, Product Page, Contact Us, etc. on the next level and so on.

Creating the Website

There are basically two options here - either you can do it yourself (if you are familiar with the technical requirements) or you can avail the services of expert web designing company.

  • Web Content - Deciding what content needs to be displayed on the web pages is also an important aspect. The content should be relevant, interesting, reader friendly & should lead the visitors towards achieving your objective (purpose for which the website was created).
  • Security Features - Having a secure website increases the online buyers confidence in you. They will not think twice before sharing their credit card information if they see that your site is well protected.
  • Web Hosting - Once all the above steps have been completed & your website is ready, it will need web space on the Internet to be visible to the mass of net users. This is where the role of a web hosting company comes in. Choose a reliable web host in order to ensure that your website functions smoothly. This was a broad overview of some of the more important aspects which have to be considered when building a website. Request a Free Quote

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