Effective Tips For Designing The Domain Name

effective-tips-for-designing-the-domain-nameDesigning a domain name may seem like a simple task. But it is not as easy as it sounds! Running an online business implies that while you are competing with the other companies, you are racing with time. This means that you have to be efficient and fast while designing the domain name. The following points will be helpful in designing a domain name that will help you secure a higher ranking as well.


  • Skip the dashes
    It is crucial that you understand that domain names that don’t use dashes fare above the one with dashes. For e.g. it would be wiser to use instead of Making the domain name look like a single entity will help you score higher rankings.


  • Top the ranks with .com
    When designing the domain name, it is best to choose .com. This will ensure that you are ranked higher than the other cases. In the extreme case is not available; the second best choice would be to go for a .net or .biz. This is advantageous since people can remember them easily.


  • Word limit-4 words or less
    Using a longer domain name can result in a poor ranking. However, it is not easy to get your hands on a really short domain name as they are usually taken or highly priced. It is wise that you decide upon a name that uses 4 words maximum. This will offer the double benefit of easy recollection and higher ranking.


  • Play with the keywords
    It might be difficult to get a domain name using just the keyword and the .com. You could add a twist to it by adding relevant words like ‘my’, ’fine’ or ‘ best’ to it. This will enhance your chances at landing a smart and effective domain name. Using the product’s/service’s word is one the best choices.

You should also have a few back up names in the case that the first one is not available. If you are lucky the first time itself, you could buy domains for the other websites as well and end up with multiple easily searched domain names.

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