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Effective free SEO tools for marketing professionals and web developers

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2010-05-24

Effective free SEO tools for marketing professionals and web developers

What is the most important criteria that decides the fate of an online business? For a successful web based business the most imperative thing is to achieve higher search engine rankings. Having higher search engines ensures more amount of traffic and thus an increased business. But what is important is to keep track of these rankings. Obtaining the rankings and other results can help you incorporate new techniques on your site and at the same time remove those techniques that are posing a threat.

Web developers and the marketers constantly search for SEO tools that help in tracking down the results of the page ranking. Here in this write up we will let you know about the latest SEO tools that enable you to measure a site's page ranking.

Search Status


It is an extension of Firefox but can be opened easily in any browser. Using Firefox will be advised so as to avail all the plugins. This efficient tool gives you complete ranking of the site that includes alexa, pagerank etc.
Also, lets you search the backlinks, keyword density and the indexed pages simply by a right click that displays a menu. Following is the link of this extension.

Webmaster Central


This service is provided by Google and it enables you to learn about the important statistics of your site. What you need to do? Simply create a Google account and confirm that you can easily access the domain. This is a highly effective and advanced tool that enables you to know about the most popular searches that your site was clicked for and other integral information. Also, this tool can offer you ways of getting more clicks.

SEO Book


This is another extension of the Firefox, which lets you know about the details about the search results. It provides you information about the different pages and their ranking on the search engines. You can conduct a comparison with your competitors using this tool and understand the facts about their better rankings.

SEO Chat


This site is not a tool but a medium that links to various other SEO tools. It offers links to different Keyword related tools like Site Link Analyzer. Also, this site offers informative articles.
The above mentioned are only few tools that can help you in getting accurate optimization results for your site. There are numerous other tools that can assist in knowing the rankings and other related results.

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