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Do's And Don'ts Of Using Multimedia Elements In A Website

Tips & Tutorial | Admin | Updated: 2012-10-18

Do's And Don'ts Of Using Multimedia Elements In A Website

A well designed website is a good thing for a company or business to have as it serves as a great marketing tool for a company and its offerings. In fact, a creatively designed website integrated with Multimedia Elements attracts more people to it & consequently greater traffic. Some commonly used Multimedia Elements include Video tutorials, Animation, graphics, videos and audios. Though Multimedia elements add to the attractiveness of a website, there are certain guidelines regarding using these in a professional website.

Do's And Don'ts Of Using Multimedia Elements In A Website

Multimedia Elements are perfect for making a website more readable, user friendly and interactive. But a professional designer has to take care not to clutter the website with too many elements. This would only confuse the visitors and take the focus away from the products/services that are being advertised.

  • One important factor that needs to be ensured by the website designer while integrating Multimedia Elements is to ensure that these are compatible with as many Operating systems and internet browsers as possible.
  • As mentioned above, care should be taken to ensure that there is smart placement of Multimedia Elements. This ensures that the website presents a professional and organized yet not a boring look.
  • One factor that everybody is aware about, but web designers hardly ever follow is never ever auto play an audio or video track. Logging on to a website only to be side tracked by auto played audio or video clips can be very frustrating for a visitor & make them irritated enough that they lose interest in the website.
  • One technique that many web designers regularly use to reduce the space taken up by Multimedia Elements like videos is to post the video on popular video sharing sites like YouTube, etc., and embed the link on the web pages of the website itself.

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind while incorporating Multimedia Elements in the website will ensure that it attracts maximum traffic, which means more potential buyers for your business.

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