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Distinguishing The Paid Search Results And Organic Search Results

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2013-03-11

Distinguishing The Paid Search Results And Organic Search Results

In very simple terms, Paid Search Results are all about the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. On the contrary, Organic Search Results are those listings that come out on search engine pages majorly due to their relevance to the search stipulations rather than being advertised. The terms Paid Search Results and Organic Search Results are definitely familiar to all those people who want to boost up the traffic on their websites. Both these terms are basically related with internet marketing that involves promoting a website by raising its visibility in search engines results pages. Both Paid Search Results as well as Organic Search Results can be used for effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Let's get acquainted with what makes Paid Search Results and Organic Search Results different from each other.

  • Paid Search Results : Also known as sponsored search, Paid Search Results can be understood as a kind of contextual advertising that requires the website owners to pay a particular advertising fee that is typically based on click-through. Paid Search Results are thus basically advertisements that show up on the search engine containing some popular keywords. Since Paid Search Results ensure instant traffic, they are the best way out for emerging and small business enterprises.
  • Organic Search Results : As mentioned earlier, Organic Search Results appear on the search engine because of their relevance to the searched query, and not because of deliberate paid advertising. The Organic Search Results are also known as Natural Search Results that involve ranking a website high on the search engine through varied Search Engine Optitimizaon (SEO) practices. Organic Search Results create the traffic for the website for free. The hitch with the Organic Search Results is that website owners can't be assured of the fact that whether or not their site will rank high enough and thus, there is always room for doubts.

One can easily tell apart the Paid Search Results from Organic Search Results by just looking at the search results page. Search engines place the paid listings separately either on top of the search results or to the right side of the Organic Search Results, or by presenting them in a shaded background.

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