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Difference between Android & iOS: From A Developers View Point

App Development | Admin | Updated: 2014-07-24

Difference between Android & iOS: From A Developers View Point

Today, the market is flooded with Android and iOS devices of myriad kinds. There is a fierce debate ranging in the market about which one is the best. The debate has yet to reach a point of conclusion and there seems to be no mutual agreement between both the parties involved, as of now.

Differences are cited by users in terms of display, battery life, touchpad control, internet streaming & other such aspects.
In this article, though, the main focus is on the developer environment & points of difference in Android and iOS from a developer's point of view.


As far as performance is concerned, Android makes use of a java based platform i.e. Java Virtual Machine (Dalvik). Though initially quite slow, recent improvements have made Javas performance fast. In fact, it has been additionally optimized for android devices, so that there is no compromise on the performance aspect. On the other hand, iOS makes use of Objective C. In Objective C, the messages are passed in a roundabout manner which takes a toll on its overall performance.


From a developer's point of view, Android is a better platform to use as it an open one and Google offers excellent tools for developers. There is a customized java virtual machine and java byte code interpreter available for developers. Other positive aspects of Android include Java and Eclipse IDE. On the other hand, iOS makes use of Objective C language which is difficult to use and is not defined clearly. Developers find it difficult to work with iOS as compared to Android.

Publication Charges For Applications

Developers can sign up at the android store for free, while at an apple store there is a yearly registration fee of $99. For publishing their applications, developers are charged around $25 fee for one time registration, while at the apple store this fee is $99 per year. For publishing their applications on other stores apart from Apple, developers need to have Apples approval. In case of android, there are no such restrictions.
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