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Why Creativity Is Important For UX Designers & How To Find It?

Web Design | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-03-12

Why Creativity Is Important For UX Designers & How To Find It?

"Necessity is the mother of invention, it is true, but its father is creativity, and knowledge is the midwife." Rightly quoted by Jonathan Schattke! However, I'd like to add my own thought into this quote to give it a complete feel for the designers; creativity gives birth to originality and value in anything that we undertake. As for designers, creativity lets you stand apart from the old and clich'd designs. It enables you to reap new and fresh ideas and create something that adds value to the experience your target audience has in your creation. It brings about innovation in design and makes you offer a user experience that compels the users to engage and come back. Various networks of our brain come together, to create something that has never been done or seen before in design. For the UX designers, creativity is not just about the sudden flow of an idea or insight regarding a design; it is more about mapping the user's reality and bringing about an idea that reflects the same.

Why UX Designers Need Creativity?

  • To Uncover Users Needs

For the UX designers, the core thing is to attract, engage, make the users stay on the platform, be it a website, application, or any other design. And to attain this engagement and conversion, uncovering the users needs is a must. While implementing new elements in their design, the designers have to understand what the audience would be expecting from their brand or business for which they are designing. Creativity helps the designers to think like their potential users and find out what might be relevant for them.

  • To Connect With The Users

One of the main things that the UX designers or website designer services providers need to consider while designing is the need to connect with the users. By offering them an insight into the potential users mind, creativity enables the designers to find a connect. Creative thinking helps in incorporating interactive elements in the design that would attract a response from the target. Whether it is through adding images, text, videos, micro-interactions, icons, or through the structure and personality of the site, designers' creativity opens up the path for connecting with the users. Creatively playing with the design elements enables the designers to create a user experience that not only leaves a lasting impression on the visitors but also magnetizes them to visit again.

  • To Design At Both Micro & Macro Level

Switching between the deep levels of details and its high-level implications on your audience's perception is one of the best attributes of a creative designer. Being creative lets the designers think about the details of any design and at the very next moment envision what impact it would have on the target audience. Many designers might feel that designing through the step-by-step process allows them to balance between the macro level design elements along with their individual details. However, designers that enjoy the freedom to zoom into the intricate details while simultaneously keeping the bigger design picture in mind create a better and more user-friendly design.

How To Find The Creative Inspiration?

While creativity is imperative for any UX designer, there are many that suffer from creative block. And instead of simply staring at the walls or your desktop screen to find your creative muse, there are different approaches that one can adopt. Here are some of them:

  • Scribble Whenever An Idea Strikes: Have an idea? Jot it down before it swooshes away. Have something handy for your Eureka moments and scribble down each idea whenever they strike.
  • Give Up The Old Habits: While having a set routine and following old habits is good, to imbibe creativity, trying something out of the blue is important. This change offers a new perspective on the same old things around and boosts creativity.
  • Take Challenges: When facing a creative block, a good alternative to find your creativity is to take challenges and shake things up a little. Experiment with new styles, elements, fonts, graphics, and typography for incredible web design. This might help in stirring your creative mind and help in creating a user experience that engages and converts.
  • Get New Experiences: No, its not just doing something out of your regular routine; instead, its doing things that you never thought of doing before. Whether you get new experience through traveling or trying out new activities, experiences always lead to creativity.
  • Take Breaks: While planning for a website or application design, the UX designers should ensure to incorporate time for small breaks. Instead of letting the little things around distract you, have small breaks to not let these distractions create a creative block. Taking breaks during work would let your mind relax and pave way for new ideas.
  • Indulge In Discussions: Discussion always grooms your creativity. And we are not just talking about your peers or co-designers, having conversations with anyone in your friend circle, family, or company people is great. You never know what strikes your creative strings and a new idea for your next design emerges.

In addition to following the web design trends, the UX designers also have to ensure that their mind is thinking creatively to create a user experience revolving around the why, what, and how of any website, application, product, services or any other thing they are designing. Creative thinking enables the designers to break through the walls of clich'd designs and create something that surpasses the expectations of the users.

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