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6 Web Design Trends You Should Follow In 2019

Web Design | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-01-14

6 Web Design Trends You Should Follow In 2019

Don't judge a book by its cover. We've all grown up listening to this little piece of advice but have been guilty of doing the opposite anyway. Being predominantly visual creatures,the wrappers in which things come not only powerfully affect what interests us but also how we react to the contents we find inside. Thus, no matter how much we try, we usually end up judging a book by its cover, food by its garnishing, and, most importantly, a company by its web appearance and design.

Web design is indeed one of the most important aspects of building and maintaining a strong online identity. And as we step into the 19th year of this millennium, meeting and exceeding the rising expectations of the visitor who is judging each and every element of the website is indispensable. Not just for the reputation of your brand for core survival in this crowded online marketplace!

If you are also wondering how you can gain edge in this competitive world, following the latest web design trends could be a way to go. The web design trends of 2019 can help you deliver a great user experience and make the visitors stay and convert. So, heres a quick look at the 6 web design trends you should follow in 2019.

Splashes Of Custom Graphics & 3D Illustrations

To make the website visually stand out in the crowded marketplace, web designers are throwing splashes of custom graphic elements and 3D illustrations here and there. The boundaries between the virtual and the physical world would blur down by the means of 3D illustrations that would look like they've come to life. Added depth in custom graphics would make each brand and web artist stand out with its unique creation. In 2019, websites would work towards creating their unique presence by incorporating custom-made graphics and other creative illustrations in their designs.

Playful Animations Triggered By Scrolls

Parallax and scroll web designs grew stronger with each passing month and continued to be the leading web design trend in 2018. The year 2019 is expected to take this web design trend a notch higher. This year, scroll would take control of animations. The movement of the mouse would take the user to different parts or sections of the website. Instead of simply pointing and clicking on different CTAs, the cursor would be put to more creative use in 2019. The movement of the cursor up & down or left & right would navigate the user and create playful animations in the website. This would be one of the most effective tricks used by website designers to engage the visitors.

Attention To Details For Footer Boost

While the footer of the website has usually been neglected by a majority of the web design service providers, in 2019, special attention would be given to this underrated section. Earlier, the footer only contained the contact information or the copyright mark of the company. Now they would be upgraded to include more important elements of the homepage like about us, newsletter subscription, social sharing icons, along with other things. It would no longer be overlooked. In fact, special attention would be given to the designing of the footer to make it look like a part of the overall website design.

Immersive Videos Background

Enhancing the background of the website would one of the priorities of website designers in the year ahead. Immersive videos or 360? videos are those that are made using omnidirectional cameras and offer viewing from all directions. Brands would utilize these videos to create their unique identities in the crowded online marketplace and arrest the attention of their visitors. With video marketing taking the front foot in digital marketing ecosphere, immersive videos as background would certainly be the most captivating trends in web designing in 2019.

Gradient Element To Take Front Seat

Gradient in web design has been one of the leading trends since 2017. In the year ahead, web designers would show love to gradient element. Instead of the regular gradation of colors in the designing, modernizing the entire gradient element would take the front seat. Today's screen technology allows seamless blending of gradient colors and brighter hues would become the go-to color palette of web designers. The use of gradient color scheme in the website of stripe is an excellent example of using bright and modern colors with this effect.

Large & Bold Texts To Dominate Screens

Screen-dominating titles would be seen almost on every brand website in 2019. Not only does having massive texts grab the attention of the visitors but they also make way for the much-needed whitespace in the website design. Textual designs are all set to take center stage. These texts have the power to immediately convey their message to the audience and convert them in the shortest time. This also gives the designers their own space to play with the designs and create magic with textual content. Moreover, if used smartly, these large & bold screen-dominating texts can also prove to be very effective call-to-action buttons for converting the visitors.

Just keeping a tab on the web design trends is not enough. The web designers also need to incorporate these trends into their web design strategy. These trends are a reflection of what the online audience expects from its serving brands. And to strengthen your position and make a mark on the visitors, aligning and designing your brand identity, i.e., your website with the web design trends is impeccable. So, let the year ahead bring you more user engagement, greater response, and higher conversions from the virtual visitors.

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