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A Complete SEO Checklist

Search Engine Optimization | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2015-09-22

A Complete SEO Checklist

Just like the regular servicing of your car, time-to-time SEO auditing is essential to enhance your website's visibility, user experience and conversion rates. What we have for you is a checklist of the items that are needed to be checked on a site to get a detailed insight and overall view of your page. For your comfort, we will do a deeper study & suggest you the ways to speed up your page auditing. Also we will give you important insights about how to manage your page and what to manage prior to anything else. Let's begin!

Technical/Server Affairs Content Management Software /Server/OS/catalog concern

Server Status: Error Message Security

  • Absence of Error message and certificate authority errors
  • Absence of bleed-over pages

Find Friendly Links

  • All links should be reachable

Outside Links

  • Identifiable broken links
  • Redirected links to be replaced by direct links

Broken & Redirected Links

  • Replace and redirect the appropriate links
  • Check linked pages for repurposed content

Fake Content

  • Fake content of self-owned sites to be changed
  • Fake content on other sites to be taken off
  • Disallow repeated content

Dynamic Pages

  • Don't use multiple data parameters in URLs
  • Avoid calling multiple servers
  • Do segmentation by labels effectively
  • Don't make excessive processor calls

Loading Time Of Pages

  • Use of right-size images
  • Use of GZIP or Deflated?
  • Extended browser caching dates
  • For the images that have to avoided base 64 encoding


  • Navigation without accepting the indexible pages

Html Monitoring And Usage Elements Of Title

  • Have to be keywords rich and relevant to the page
  • Unusual
  • Engaging and promising
  • Should be relevant and meaningful
  • Keep it short. Around 8-10 words


  • Will invalidity harm SEO?

Meta Description Components

  • Must be between 25 to 150 characters in length
  • Use of good grammar
  • Description of the page's content
  • Has the main keyword phrase

Head Element

  • Should tell about the page's content
  • One top heading per page
  • Avoid using heading element for page logo
  • The lower level heading should tell about the content they display

Strong/em Elements

  • Use strong element for bold and em element for italics
  • Use strong element to highlight the use of keywords
  • Don't overuse

Image Enhancement

  • Use of meaningful captions
  • Use of meaningful text
  • Choose images that are related to the keywords
  • The image and caption should have same HTML element
  • Test should not be a list of keywords
  • For the images that are not meaningful use alt=

Anchor Text

  • Use of Keyword in the anchor text
  • Avoid usage of generic terms like click here in meta tabs
  • Should not be larger than 10 words
  • Avoid stuffing with multiple keywords

Meta Data Optimization

  • No use of Dublin meta tags by search engines
  • A robot index is of no use
  • Search engines have no need to visit meta tags

Site Construction Established URLs

  • Domain Access
  • Constancy in home page linking
  • Lower and Uppercase
  • Version of printing
  • Matching of established links
  • Linking for paginated pages
  • Redirects within the website

Meta Robots Nofollow/Noidex

  • Used well
  • Used on pages to be index by deep crawler

Site Structure

  • User friendly
  • Different
  • Suitable link structure and sub structure used
  • Customer friendly
  • Provide different options for different people

XML Site Map

  • Well formatted
  • Only use canonicals
  • Absence of Internally directed pages and 404s

Robot.Txt Files

  • Correctly edited
  • Has all it should have from e-mail to login pages, referral pages etc
  • Has xml sitemap/sitemap index

Selecting Files

  • Refrain from keyword stuffing
  • Proper use of hyphen in naming
  • Unusual
  • The links on the site changes, if the file name is required to be changed

HTML Site Map

  • User friendly and user oriented
  • Dont use too many links
  • Avoid using 4O4s that are internally redirected
  • Give links of the most vital pages

Custom Error Page

  • Show proper error status
  • User friendly

Malpractices Hiding

  • Does the site show different results to SEOs and visitors?

Meta Refresh

  • Are Meta researchers used? If yes, then have they been used to mislead search engines

Concealed Text

  • Text with same color of the background
  • Text concealed by an offset div
  • Large volume of text in small iframes
  • Text color and the background color matches

Redirection of Java Script

  • Redirection of Java Script so make search engines see one thing and visitors other

Keywords Research, Selection And Implementation

  • How many relevant keywords are being used on the site
  • Are they being used effectively?

Aiming Keywords & Mid-To-Long Tail Keywords

  • Are more competitive keywords being focused by the main site?
  • Does long-tail phrases focusing upon the deeper pages with less Pagerank?

Content Analysis Text Volume

  • Must have minimum amount of text on every page


  • Sign of quality and credibility

Keyword Copy

  • Are keywords being used in meta tags, page titles and content

Prominence Of Keyword

  • How effectively the keywords are used in main content area

Panda/Penguin Analysis

  • Does a loss in the traffic has significance to one of the panda update

Use Of Connecting Words

  • Pages with certain query tend to co-occur

Social Networks Audit

  • Integration of appropriate sharing buttons
  • Linking to social networking websites available?


  • Does the site give feedback to site owners?
  • Does your site let people leave comments
  • Availability and analysis of user generated content
  • Guideline to use the forum

Webmaster Gear Error Analysis And Google Webmaster Tool

  • Is your site verified from GWT?
  • Have you selected a target country or location?
  • Checked any error that has been listed?

Analysis Is there any way to measure the progress?

  • Code that every page has

Following this checklist will help you monitor your page in an effective way, and surely boost the user traffic and conversion with time. The experts providing SEO services will find this list very useful.

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