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Color Combinations & Their Role in Website Designing Unfolded

Web Design | Poonam | Updated: 2019-11-27

Color Combinations & Their Role in Website Designing Unfolded

" A dynamic website or static website?"

If this choice is put in front of you then what would you choose? An oblivious answer to this question is a dynamic website. People just don't prefer static websites and you know the reason pretty well. If a website is not pleasing to eyes, the user doesn't feel like staying on it for even ten seconds. But that doesn't mean all dynamic websites catch attention. Though dynamic websites are created in a better manner as compared to static sites, visual appearance plays a key role in attracting users to the website.

Website development and designing companies in India and worldwide emphasize the selection of an apt color palette. Professional website designs, in the current scenario, focus on designing the site using different colors according to its theme. Triggering the emotion of the target audience and followers is all you need to do. If the website is successful in evoking the spark of action in the potential customer, it is a win-win situation that the person will surely make a purchase. We're spilling the beans further, so, read on!

The Right Techniques for Website Color Selection

One just cannot simply choose any color palette for a website. A professional website design constitutes the right amount of colors keeping in mind the theme of the website. Let's understand it in detail.

  • Colors Add Credibility
    Restrain from vibrant colors if you want to design a business website. But that doesn't mean you should opt for dull colors. In case you're choosing a dark color scheme, always add light colors to give a softer glow. It will enhance the visual appearance of the website.
  • Colors Build Trust
    There are several color combinations out there that provide the best appearance to websites. However, to build the trust of clients, professional website design ethics include the usage of blue color. That's a major reason why several companies use the color blue in their logos.

Top Website Color Designs

Engaging websites contain enticing content, visuals, graphics, and pleasing colors. Here's a list of different color mixes that enhance the appearance of the website.

  • Nebula Yellow

For some standout professional website designs, nebulosity will surely catch the sight of visitors. Just like a lustrous arrow dives into the black hole & creates an illuminating effect, the same would be proffered to the website.

  • Different Shades of Blue, Green, and Turquoise

This color combination proves to be the best for websites, especially if it sells herbal products. Several websites, especially e-commerce sites dealing in herbal products, make the best use of blue, green, and turquoise.

  • Fiery Red & Calm Teal

Though a contrasting combination, it still remains classic. Red represents aggression and danger, whereas, teal signifies calmness & serenity. This color combination is widely used all over the world, especially during Christmas.

  • Cool Grey & Dusky Citron

Honestly, the ship of classic "Silver & Gold" color combination might have crossed (or sank in) the Pacific Ocean. The new scenario of professional web designs emphasizes the maximum use of this color combination. It evokes the feeling of sophistication, elegance, and prestige.

  • Yellow & Black

When brawn meets celluloid, the color combination of yellow and black comes to existence. This color combination can be seen in multiple places. Wherever the signs in yellow & black are put up, they indicate a warning or alert people about an activity. Since this is a contrasting color combination, it appears to be appealing.

  • Tropical Yellow, Green, and Red

One hot color, one cool & refreshing color, and one vibrant color- this is sufficient to offer the right color combination. The tropical effect on the professional website design makes a website appear pleasing to the eyes. This tropical color combination suits best to food & beverage websites.

The Hue of Gold

Gold always depicts luxury. By adding a hue to this color alone, it can do wonders. Owing to its resonate tone, it appears smooth. Different websites worldwide use the hue of gold for personifying their website.

Single Tone Website Colors

If a person posses the "Next-to-Perfect" level of website color scheme knowledge, he/she can do wonders with single tone colors as well. Different shades of grey, green, blue, red, violet etc., are perfect for an ideal professional website design. With a dark background, they can be used for increasing the visual appeal of the website.

Closing Thoughts

We all know that colors are everywhere. When colors are used appropriately, they can uplift the website design appearance. The right color combination serves as an apprentice to the company for selling the product by triggering the emotions of the client. By understanding the theory of the color design, website designing companies come up with the best appearance of the website.

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