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Clear The Delusion: Not-to-dos About SEO And Websites

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2012-03-05

Clear The Delusion: Not-to-dos About SEO And Websites

When you start a business, you check out the local competition and may even look on the national level. But when you plan about an E-commerce business, remember that you have to deal with competition on a global level. There are millions of websites that sell products and services similar to yours. Inadequate promotion and reduced visibility will cause you to lag behind your competitors in the race. Starting an online business requires well thought efforts and strategies that have to be implemented properly to put the business on the track to success. In such situations, knowledge of things about things that you should not do will prove to be more effective that the list of to-dos. Read on to discover the list of Not-to-dos for optimization of your business website that you should steer clear of.

  • Keyword stocking is the case when the same keywords are repeated again and again. This may cause the search engine to leave out the page or worse, the entire website. Key words should be used effectively and their proper usage can increase your search engine rankings.
  • Irrelevant content and keywords that have no connection to the website or the products and services should not be used. The search engines may block the page as spam and de-index the website.
  • Making the website appear layered by using stuffed keywords is something that you should not do. Such practices are often used to confuse the search engines. However, the search engines may view the bulk of keyword and graphics as spam and block this site.
  • Do not take the role of the search engine casually. Many assume that all search engines operate on the basis of same categories and with same functions. Make sure that you gather sufficient knowledge about the different requirements of different search engines.

For a successful online venture, the major factor that must be considered is SEO. A visually appealing website with low ranking will not do the business any good. So, remember to make sure that you pay strict attention to the strongest player in the game, the SEO.

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