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Benefits Of Real-Time Interaction With Consumers

Business & Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2011-03-07

Benefits Of Real-Time Interaction With Consumers

It is an undeniable fact that creating a strong association with the customers is a vital marketing strategy to attract potential buyers. Real-time interface with customers is a vital opportunity to discover the consumer's interests, requirements and wishes. In the bygone days, telephone and interpersonal communication were the only means of real time interactions with the consumers but with the advent of web 2.0, the scenario is completely different and more progressive. The evolution of Web 2.0 has exemplified to the business world that customers toady seek to relate with brands differently as compared to the past.

Advantages Of Real-Time Interface-

  • Real-time interaction is the definitive form of customer service which enables instantaneous conversations
  • Also problems / questions can be recognized and solved immediately
  • Through real-time interactions a customer can be lead an enjoyable, step-by-step understanding of the company. This in turn has an direct impact on what the consumers perceive about the brand
  • By actively managing the socialization processes with the customers, a company can easily discover the precise requirement of the consumers
  • For molding the company brand keeping in view the desires of the customers, social communication is an absolute must

The Following Tips Will Enable You To Increase Interactions With Customers- Email-

  • In the evolving arena of Web 2.0, Electronic mail is an ultimate method to interact with the customers. The Email that a company sends may include giveaways, tips, coupons, etc
  • Each email sent to the customers ought to provide something of value for the customers
  • Email should not simply be used as a hard-selling platform
  • After receiving the Email customers can instantaneously act on the proposal sent in the email
  • Customers can make a low-priced purchase on the website / enter a giveaway and even contact the company for further information

Social Networking Sites-

  • Online social networking is nearly synonymous with Web 2.0.
  • Some of the popular sites to communicate with the customers are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube, Blog platforms and Social bookmarking sites
  • Organizing the social relationships through the social networking sites is an indispensable constituent to seeing irrefutable success on these platforms
  • A company can discreetly advance and engage them in meaningful conversation, by having real-time conversations with the targeted customer

An intelligent and definitely smart business tactic would be engaging in appropriate real time interactions with the consumers. The need for real time interactions is every increasing for it augments business and understanding of the target audience.

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