Backlinks Or Social Votes, What Is Important For SEO?

Algorithms are set principles by Google to guide the internet marketers in their search engine optimization process. Internet marketers switch to various optimization tactics to increase the visibility of their websites and make their website come at the top in the search engine results. In order to increase traffic to websites many “Black Hat” SEO experts play with these algorithms and cheat Google and other search engines by not conforming to the pre-set algorithms. In order to keep spam websites at bay, Google keeps changing its algorithms constantly.

This is one of the aspects of SEO which has remained constant. Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage or website. The number of backlinks in a particular website determines the ranking of the website in search engine results and its popularity. Greater the number of backlinks in a website; higher is its ranking in the search engine results.

Google’s Release Of The New +1 Button
Initially Google used backlinks to measure the popularity of a website. It was assumed that if a website is liked by a visitor then the visitor would definitely link back to it. Now, with the latest release of+1 button, a major shift in the process of deciding the popularity of a website is being noted. It has become mandatory for SEO experts to create and promote social profiles where focus is on personalized search and social integration. Social media “likes” and “+1’s,” have changed the way the popularity of a website or even a simple blog post is evaluated.

Ways To Improve Search Engine Ranking
With all these changes, a socialized SEO approach is the new demand. Along with backlinks, the Search Engine Optimizers should also focus on making their client’s websites socially integrated. It calls for creating social pages for your websites in addition to building backlinks.

Search Engine Optimizers need to stay updated on the latest algorithms of different leading search engines and design their websites accordingly. It is common knowledge that unfair means to gain optimization is unethical and in the long run can prove destructive for such websites.



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