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An Introduction to Google+

Social Media Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2014-05-22

An Introduction to Google+

Still hung up on Facebook and Twitter? Move On! Google+ is the way to go. A hotspot for early adopters, tech luminaries and businesses, Google+ has gained popularity as a lucrative platform in social media arena. Its growing recognition is owing to the level of freedom, flexibility, control and functional features it offers.

Different features like hangout, stream and location sharing give users rich a social networking experience. This article unveils a host of smart features which make Google+ a lot more attractive.

  • Location Sharing Want to let everyone know wheres the party at? The location sharing in Google+ allows you to broadcast your exact location. Just click the map pin icon to launch Google+ maps locator and then click share location. It will attach your location to the message and tell your friends your precise location.
  • Hangout Google's hangout feature allows you to chat with up to ten people at a time via instant messaging or videos. The best feature of hangout is that it is private and is only visible to those who are invited. Various apps inside hangout allow users to share documents, scratchpads and their screens with other users.
  • Circles One of the main features of Google+ plus is circles. It allows users to categorize their friends, family and work colleagues in discreet groups. You know whats the best part? In Circles, you can choose whether or not to add the people who ve added you in their circles. This feature gives users more flexibility and control over who sees their content.
  • Posts/ The Stream From status update to a photo, you can share information of interest with the members of the circles. Similar to news feed in Facebook, the stream allows users to see the posts and comment on it if they want. The +1 button on Google+ is similar to Facebooks like option which permits users to articulate their appreciation of a post. The posts can be customized according to the circles via the settings option. It also facilitates the creation of brand pages similar to Facebook pages and Linkedin company pages.
  • Search And Sparks The search option in Google+ lets the user to search through the networks extensive assortment of content. You can sort through the options on the basis of most recentor best of content. The search category is also incorporated with sparks, a feature that discovers the interesting content related to a search topic. Google+ also exhibits trending topics that constitute the hottest discussion on the website at that precise moment.

With such attractive features, Google+ has taken the world of networking by storm and is fast overtaking other networking alternatives. If you haven't yet become a part of this rich Google+ networking experience, its high time you do so and get to know what the world is raving about.
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