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Advantages Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing | Admin | Last Updated: 2013-12-19

Advantages Of Social Media Marketing

The virtual communities or networks that enable interaction between two individuals residing at a considerable distance are known as Social Media. The Social Media includes social networking websites, emails, and messengers. The Social Media offers Social Networking Services through which an individual can interact with his friends, family and colleagues by sharing pictures, messages and documents. Social Media is a powerful tool that almost all the companies are employing to promote their brand and products. Companies advertise their products and brand on these social media like Facebook, Tumbler, Orkut, Twitter etc., to garner attention of consumers. There are many advantages of using Social Media for the purpose of Marketing, few of which are enlisted below:

  • Visibility is an important factor of Social Media Marketing because the more a website and its content will be visible over the internet more will be its number of viewers. The number of viewers decides that how effective the Social Media Marketing of a company's website is.
  • Website traffic is a crucial aspect of Social Media Marketing. It is actually the number of hits and views that your website is receiving within a day. This factor is decided by the visibility of the website and its content over the internet.
  • Brand recognition is another factor that makes Social Media Marketing extremely effective. With the increasing number of people joining Social Networking Websites to avail free Social Networking Services, these websites have become an apt platform for marketing purpose. Advertising and marketing a brand on these websites can help in getting recognition and popularity to the brand and the company owning it.
  • Social Media Marketing gives you an opportunity to interact with your customers and potential customers. In this interaction, the customers can share their views and feedbacks about the product or service offered by your company.

This interaction helps in establishing a bond between the customers and company which is a profitable deal for the company.The time and cost invested in Social Media Marketing is much lesser than other types of marketing, yet the benefits reaped are comparatively more.

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