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Advantages Of Online Payment Gateway

Ecommerce | Admin | Last Updated: 2013-09-30

Advantages Of Online Payment Gateway

In present times, when there are a lot of thefts and burglary taking place for money, no one feels safe to keep a lot of cash in hand with them. At home also, not a huge amount of money is kept. Now, the usage of plastic money has increased. People would like to use credit cards and debit cards for making payments for shopping and bills. In order to ensure safe and streamlined transaction, Online Payment Gateway is utilized by merchants. This helps them in flourishing their business by improving customer service, making more profits and reducing late payments. With , , e-commerce has become a lot more secure and quick. Read father to know how Online Payment Gateway is beneficial for businesses and consumers.

Advantages Of Online Payment Gateway Following are some of the benefits of Online Payment Gateway in making payment process secure and fast-

  • Accept Credit Cards : Payments using credit cards and debit cards are very common these days. Online Payment Gateway is known for making the transactions made by credit card more easy and efficient because of its batch upload features. This facilitates submission of multiple transactions in a single file and also verification of accounts swiftly and safely.
  • ACH Payments : Banks are allowed for sending money back and forth electronically by Automated Clearing House (AHC) system. This system helps the merchants to accept ACH payments through Online Payment Gateway. Different kinds of transactions like bill payment, business-to-business transaction and e-commerce processing can be accepted with this system.
  • Recurring Billing Options : Flexibility and convenience are the USP of online payments. With the recurring billing options of Online Payment Gateway, customers can get receipts of weekly or monthly payments directly sent to their inbox.
  • Secure Processing : Online Payment Gateways that are in compliance with PCI DSS standards are reliable. They keep the data of customers secure and protect also provide protection to merchants from heavy fees. Moreover, they help in preventing dangerous results of getting data compromised.

With Online Payment Gateway, fraud cases will be prevented as it has tools to keep a check on that. It has become an inseparable part of e-commerce. Request a Free Quote

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