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About RSS Feeds And Their Uses

Tips & Tutorial | Admin | Last Updated: 2012-01-19

About RSS Feeds And Their Uses

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a way of highlighting recently updated content in a website, blogs, news headlines, etc. RSS is a type of web feed format that is used for feeding the latest updates in standard formats. Reading of the RSS Feeds is done by means of RSS reader, which is special software developed for this purpose. RSS actually removes the need for manual inspection of every website that you may find interesting. The RSS feeds keep anyone subscribed with the RSS reader updated, and websites which subscribe with the RSS feed will also be constantly updated.

  • Creating RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are made in XML language, but to use RSS feeds one does not need to know XML language as most software such as WordPress and TypePad create them automatically. And many web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and HubPages automatically include an RSS Feed.

  • RSS Directory RSS directory collects and stores published RSS feeds.

RSS Uses

  • Readers, who subscribe to RSS feeds of different websites, stay constantly updated of new developments on the website. The website owners also get in touch directly with their interested readers. It helps the companies to focus on the interested readers and modifying their contents according to their needs.
  • Helps in link building: Every feed on RSS directory is constantly syndicated across all directories and provides a valuable link back to your website. It helps in improving the visibility on search engine results.
  • You can post a single article on multiple websites using RSS. Plug-ins used in the process like, wip-o-matic collect the feed and Dual Feed allows publishing a whole article instead of just snippets.

RSS has changed the way internet surfers access information by making it available in an easier manner. This will continue to be a powerful tool for improving website loyalty, boosting the popularity of websites that regularly update interesting information.

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