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7 Ways to Use the Web Developer Toolbar for SEO

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2010-01-09

7 Ways to Use the Web Developer Toolbar for SEO

World can now be expediently referred to as a web world. The primary reason behind calling the world as such is the extensive use of web. It can serve you in every possible way- be it education, trade or health management. Trade is most influenced by web and most of the businesses conducted world over are operated and promoted through Internet. Companies pay huge amounts in order to get themselves a website that is attractive and SEO friendly. Web developers are required to be well-informed and updated on the latest tools that can be incorporated so that a website can attain higher search engine rankings.

Web developer toolbar is one of the new add-ons, which is an extension to the Firefox that can be installed only after you install latest version of Firefox. Here are 7 ways in which this toolbar enables you to identify the SEO issues and create a website that is easily crawled over by a search engine spider.

  • Browse as a Robot does

This toolbar provides an option of turning off the Cookies and the JavaScript, that could enable you in recognizing the issues related to site architecture easily. For example: If the visitors are not able to accept the cookies and get redirected to the home page. This type of browsing is done by robots who don't accept cookies most of the time.

  • Have a look at What the Spiders See

The toolbar can also be used to switch off the images and the styles. Seeing the main heading as a H4 item or abrupt appearance of text that is previously cloaked might propose the reasons as to why the page is having those issues. With a single click that is 'Disable ? Meta Redirects' you could easily diagnose the on-site issues.

  • Page Structure at one glance

This toolbar enables the page structure to be simple and easy to browse through. You just have to click on Information? View Document Online and the page structure will be in front of you. Similarly, you can see the headings in the pecking order within that page.

  • Important tip for Search Marketers

The web pages are mostly not appreciated because people generally don't see the whole page (because of big screens). Web developer toolbar provides an option of resize that allows you to have a look at the site from the view point of a net book or an older screen.

  • Best Practices & Validation

It provides swift access to tools of code validation like validation of CSS, RSS and HTML from WC3. This toolbar also give options to highlight links or images without title and alt attributes

  • Making Web Page Screen Shot an Easy Task

Capturing a web page screen shot becomes a tricky task as we don't know what links we have clicked on. This toolbar enables you to just click on Miscellaneous ? Visited Links ? Mark All Links Unvisited' and all the visited links gets removed from the page and a snapshot can then be taken without any interruption.`

  • Tip to Retain Your Reputation: Hiding Your Visit Details

With the help of web developer toolbar it has now become easier to maintain your anonymity while you visit somebody's website. What you have to do is simply click on 'Disable ? Disable Referrers'.
The above tips will prove to be highly useful for a web developer in creating a website that is easy to navigate. The above given tasks are easily carried after the installation of the web developer toolbar.

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