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7 Tricks To Get Backlinks Without Creating New Content

Social Media Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-01-31

7 Tricks To Get Backlinks Without Creating New Content

Backlinks have and will always be one of the key factors determining the ranking of a page on search engines. The search engine giant, Google, considers the number of domains, linking to a certain page, the biggest factor in ranking that particular page. Usually, link building is considered synonymous with posting new, high-quality content on different channels that is worthy of getting linked. And this might be pretty time consuming for those that need a lot of backlinks in a short time to boost their SEO ranking. That's when this guide would come to assistance. This write-up talks about some simple tricks that can help you get backlinks quickly without creating new content. So, without further ado, let's have a read:

Links From Associate & Partner Companies

One of the easiest ways to get backlinks for your site is to get them from the associate or partner companies with whom you work. The companies that are sourcing raw materials from third-parties or providing them to other vendors can get their company linked on the sites or social media pages of these companies. For companies that are not into any type of trading of products can also get links from companies or individuals like accounts, financial advisory, graphic designing company, web designing company, etc. You can ask them to mention your company and link it in their client section.

Links From Relevant Niche Directories

When it comes to link building campaigns, getting your company mentioned in relevant niche directories or local directories is one of the crucial steps. However, this activity should not only be targeted to get backlinks to your site. It should be majorly to get the attention of the people and get more traffic from targeted directories. The goal should be to be found relevant in the directory that might be useful for the local buyers coming to the directories for their needs. Some of the commonly used directories like Yelp or YellowPages can be targeted by general backlinks but targeting niche directories will help get more relevant link juices to your site. SEO companies across the globe place backlinking to relevant niche directories as one of the core SEO strategies to boost ranking.

Links For Your Business In Listing Blogs

There are a number of blogging sites that regularly update their content inventory by adding listing blogs. These best x in y listing blogs are available in all industries across the world. You can start by targeting the local market and see for the bloggers, influencers, micro bloggers, etc., in your industry who are contributing to such pieces of content. You can simply search for the best your business name in your local area, city, or country. There would be a number of posts where you might see the names of your competitors. You can also perform an analysis of your competitors backlinks to find such blogs. Once you have a list of such platforms, you can kindly ask them to mention your brand in the list of offer a free sample of your product that they can check out before mentioning you.

Links Through Contests

Another great way to get quality backlinks to your site is by organizing contents on different channels. Contents are a great marketing activity that boosts the reputation and visibility of any brand. Giveaway contests are not just one of the 5 ways to increase audience engagement but they can also be a great tool to increase backlinks to the site. One can host contests and ask the audience to mention the brand as an entry into the contest. The giveaway price could be anything from your own products to shoutouts to vouchers. Just make sure that the gifts are enticing enough to attract as many entries and mentions as possible.

Links Through Forums

Another great trick to get backlinks to your site is by posting your views and informative content on forums, discussion panels, and Q& A pages. However, the biggest concern of brands is that posting the link on forums are usually nofollow links. This means that while you might be able to redirect the users to your site, it would not get you the link juices for higher ranking on search engines. You can analyze your competitors backlinks to know which forums are offering them dofollow links. This will let you know about the forums that allow do follow links. You can also post on these forums to get dofollow backlinks like your competitors.

Links From Unlinked Mentions

Getting mentions is one of the most effective ways of getting quality backlinks. However, many times, people tend to mention your company's name in their content or website but fail to make it clickable. You can make this link clickable by asking them to add your company's link to this mention. But the main problem that companies face in this situation is how they find out the unlinked mentions. One can use the Content Explorer tool by Ahrefs to find the unlinked mentions of your brand name. This can help in finding the sites where your brand name has been mentioned but is unlinked. You can also look out for unlinked products, company representatives, etc., and sent out a mail to the user to link your site to the mention. As they are already a fan of your work, there are high chances of getting a backlink.

Links By Writing Reviews

Another great way to get backlinks to your website is by writing reviews for the companies whose products you have used or whose services you have taken. Companies generally give a direct linking to those who have offered testimonials or positive reviews for them so that their users can directly see their work. You will be considered an authority on that site as well as they would cite you as a credible source. So, writing reviews cannot just fetch you backlinks but also help you boost your repo among a new set of audience.

These are some of the less commonly used tricks to get backlinks. Usually, the creation of new content is considered to be at the core of getting backlinks. However, using the tricks mentioned above would help you build quality links without having to create new content.

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