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7 SEO Trends That Are Ruling 2017

Search Engine Optimization | Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 2017-07-06

7 SEO Trends That Are Ruling 2017

Search engine optimization is a constant battle for visibility, where every business fights to get become more visible than their competitor. To gain competitive dominance, every fighter aka SEO expert is undyingly analyzing and keeping a track of the algorithm updates and user interest that are responsible for the changing SEO trends. The SEO experts need to be aware of the changing trends in search engine optimization and adjust the content accordingly to make it to the first page of various search engines.
Like 2016, this year too, the SEO trends are majorly revolving around mobiles to give a better and more personalized experience to the users. To keep you updated, we have penned down the top 7 SEO trends that must not be missed out in 2017.

Mobile Takes The First Seat

There's no doubt that mobile phones have taken over other screen devices for internet surfing. Google has been constantly rolling out algorithms that appreciate mobile-only websites and with Google rolling out Mobilegeddon and mobile first-indexing algorithm, it has become indispensable for any business to incorporate mobile first approach in order to make the most out of their SEO efforts. In fact, Google's Gary Illyeshas also confirmed in a conference that mobile is the big drive for 2017.

Voice Search On The Rise

Around a year back, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, announced that more than 20% of the mobile queries are voice searches. According to SEO predictions, by 2020, almost 50% of all the searches would by voice searches. SEO professionals need to focus more on conversational and question-based queries while doing keyword research. Search engine optimization efforts should be made to leverage the power of voice search to gain higher ranking and attract more visitors to the website.

Long Tail Keywords For Specific Intents

Users, looking for information on search engines, are typing a more specific query on the search tab instead of the regular one-word keywords. Instead of typing phones, they are now searching for android smartphones under 15,000 to get more refined results. This means that you need to search for long-tail keywords that perfectly serve the interest of your potential market. These 3-4 words long-tail keywords increase the likelihood of your website being found by Google and therefore increase your visibility. SEO experts should keep the specific intent of the customers in mind while researching the intent-driven keyword for their content.

Long Form Content Is In

Long form content or epic content has become a rage in the past few years. Backlingo performed a research in which it analyzed more than 1 million Google results to come to a conclusion that a majority of the first page results have, on an average, around 1,890 words. Long form content which typically contains 1,500 to 2,500 words would be the center of focus of the SEO experts while creating new content. Even the already existing content would see updates at the hands of SEO professionals to get a higher ranking.

Increased Use Of AMPs

Speed has always been the top priority of various search engines and that's why AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, which load faster than the normal pages, would be increasingly used by SEO professionals in 2017. They enable quick mobile loading while also offering a 63% higher Click Through Rate. More than 1.7 billion AMP pages have already been created and in order to gain higher ranking for relevant search terms, it is important that you also turn on Google AMP.

New Ways To Offer Visual Content

Content that appeals not just the search engines but also the human eye has become the focus point for SEO experts. New ways to offer visual content are being dug by them to ensure that all their videos, images and text content is keeping the users fixed to the screen. Live streaming, cinemagraphs, GIFs, homepage background video, infographics, tutorials and testimonial videos are definitely the next big thing in order to optimize for search engines.

Quality Content Still The King

Quality Content Is The King. This saying has been ruling the SEO world for the past two years and would be taken to a new level in 2017. Marketers would start giving away high-quality information-rich content to their audience to rank higher on the search engine result page. Keyword stuffed content would be penalized by search engines whereas content with 1% or 2% keyword density would be awarded more visibility and higher ranking.

Knowledge of the latest SEO trends is inescapable to stay ahead in the game of search engine optimization. The aforementioned SEO trends 2017 would help you stay a step ahead of your competitor and make a place for yourself on top of Google's first page. Give a better direction to your SEO strategy with these trends and enjoy the visibility that you get.

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