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6 Web Design Surprises for 2020 Unveiled

Tips & Tutorial | Poonam | Updated: 2019-12-02

6 Web Design Surprises for 2020 Unveiled

The industry of website designing and development is ever-evolving. Website designers keep experimenting and reinventing new designs by playing with previous ones. Popular trends are adopted in the website designing industry because it is a must to catch the attention of the web audience and convey emotions.
Even I assert the aforementioned statement because I've served as a website designer in the past and currently, I'm an IT maven who loves sharing tips with people.

Throughout my professional life, I've witnessed multiple changes in website design trends. Let me explain it with an example. Different brands and E-commerce websites run Instagram pages for broad outreach. Users scroll through the page and understand because it seems engaging to them. Gradually, the sales graph rises, and the company/brand benefits.

So, that's common you must be thinking, but what makes the users stay on the page? Deals and discounts are definitely not the answer. Here's the trick- The customer pays for the product because of its captivating presentation and not-so-important details. And that's true because as a buyer, I would be least interested to know the chemical formula for washing powder.

The same module applies to website designing. The more your website is catchy, it will attract more users. As 2020 is round the corner, I've compiled a list of some intriguing web design trends for 2020. Peruse further.

Darkness Will Prevail

Though that sounds like worshipping The Fiend, it is something that personifies the appearance of the website design. I'm damn sure that every website design company in India will turn to the Dark Mode. Just by focusing on the UI design, the dark mode website design stands out as compared to others. The dark mode web designs are not just easy to the eyes, but they assure the ultra-modern appearance of the website. And, the dark mode themes are better for all OLED screens and enhance the visibility of other colors.

Lousy is The New Flawless

Before you judge me for advocating for website imperfections, allow me to tell you the reason behind it. The hand-drawn, imperfect sketchy lines, textured paper, etc., collaborate to provide a praiseworthy appearance to the website. Believe me, such designs, patterns, textures, and lines insert emotions on the website. Trust me, many website old hands have predicted that 2020 will be the year for some lousy and imperfect designs. Where flawless graphics and imagery are dominating the website design industry, adding some hand-drawn designs will inject realness on the website. This also showcases the authenticity of the brand that will surely make you stand out from all your competitors. I'm sure that in 2020, you'll get to see some "lousiness".

The Hyper-realistic 3D

Until VR becomes pocket-friendly and easy to operate for people, the 3D effect will remain the uncrowned czar of the wondrous website designing trends. 3D visuals have always delighted because they are engaging and interactive. It takes up the entire screen, creates a mind-blowing experience on the website, and encourages all visitors to stay on the website for a longer period. So, you can expect some hyper-realistic 3D designs breaking some barriers between digital space and reality (even I'm waiting for it).

Creating Depth

A website design company in India or overseas emphasizes playing with the designs and trends that were popular in the bygone times. Pseudo-shadows and floating pages do wonders for it. In technical terms, this technique helps website designers to incorporate additional graphics and layers on top of each other. This helps them in fetching the extended path for creating the visual depth. It gives a feel as if objects are floating over each other.

Overlapping Graphics & Photographs

As a former professional in the website designing industry, I believe that the trend of overlapping graphics and photos will make a comeback. For decades, people are craving to witness something nostalgic and this is the technique for enhancing the appearance of the website. Since this trend is versatile, it can be used as a serious attribute for communicating in a better way. Owing to the flexibility of this technique, it is mandatory to ensure the illustrations displayed to match the brand personality.

Light Up Your Website

It is a must for every website design company in India to think in a futuristic manner. Instead of using color schemes, website designers should turn to develop glowing and luminous themes. Here's why- Several majestic color pairings will be seen in the forthcoming year 2020. The glowing theme schemes are all set to make big in the industry. Duotone of website design color schemes is the boldest step for reinventing designs that'll give the futuristic visuals. I can't stop imaging the dark mode of a website with illuminating design. Damn! That's something futuristic in my imagination.

Signing Off

Website design trends of the future are all set to embrace us soon! Mind-blowing presentation, intriguing visuals, and reinvented 3D designs- they clearly indicate towards a futuristic structure of websites. I further conclude that web designers of the new generations do not step back from experimenting. Their creativity for reinventing new design trends will surely bring surprises for us in 2020.

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