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6 Things Google Loves On A Website

Tips & Tutorial | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2019-07-16

6 Things Google Loves On A Website

Having a website is indeed one of the first things that business owners now consider when establishing or expanding their business. They want their business to be visible on Google and other search engines. But do they know what things Google actually love on their website? If you are also a business owner or an individual seeking for higher website reach on search engines like Google, here is a list of the top things that Google actually loves on your website. So, add them now and see your website rank much high.

Mobile Responsive

  • Google has ruled out various changes in its algorithms that tell Google gives more importance to websites with a mobile-friendly design. Having a mobile website design is indispensable but if you cannot afford two websites, hiring a company that offers professional responsive web development in India is important. You should make sure that your website is mobile responsive to make it rank higher on Google.


  • Keywords are the main essence of any website. You need to perform in-depth research of the keywords before adding them in your website. Rom researching your competitors in searching the web for the right keywords for your targeted topics, it is the keywords that play a critical role. You can add both keywords and longer key phrases on your website to increase the visibility on Google. Your audience would only type the keywords in the search tab and based on the keywords that you have added, your page would be displayed on the top. Google scans through your website and looks for keywords once the user types the keyword. If it matches the keywords that you have added, your site will appear on the result page of the search engine.

SSL Certificate

  • A very important thing for the security of your website is the SSL certificate. Every website needs an SSL certification to show that it is completely secure of any web threat. In simple terms, you can identify if a website has an SSL certificate if it has https instead of HTTP in the starting of the permalink. Https means that your website has the SSL certification and it is completely safe. Google has been pushing websites to use the SSL certification to secure their websites. If you also want Google to give a good rank to your site, use an SSL certificate for sure.


  • A very basic thing that all websites should have is a sitemap. A sitemap is the directory of your website and shows each and every page link on it. It allows Google and its crawlers to crawl through your website and scan each and every page to give it indexing. It works best for those pages that are not easily accessible on your website through links or simple navigation. A valid sitemap, especially one on XML sitemap allows your website to be indexed easily. Once you have a valid sitemap with each link on your website, you can easily submit it on the webmaster tool. Apart from XML sitemaps, you can also create HTML sitemaps that are perfect for some of the websites as well. If your website is filled with a number of dynamic links and the navigation is also not very simple but complex, a sitemap will allow the humans to easily reach each page.

High-Quality Content

  • Content is the king on the internet. No matter what industry you are in or what your actual strategy is, high-quality content is the top priority of Google. It ranks pages according to the content that is posted on them. The first thing to keep in mind here is that your content should not be copied or duplicate, even on your own site. Each piece of content that goes on your website should be completely unique and informative. It should be long enough, around 2200 words per page, to get ranking from Google. The next thing is that the content should not be outdated and be regularly updated and optimized. The information shared through content should be fit for today's standards, in terms of quality, facts, stats, etc. Above all, the content should be simple and clear. One should not find a problem in reading it and even Google crawlers should be able to crawl through it easily.

Titles, Tags & Meta Description

When it comes to adding keywords, the titles, tags, and meta descriptions also play a very vital role. Not just that they should be optimized properly to be indexed by Google. Adding the right titles, meta description, and H1, H2, H3, etc., HTML tags in the content can help in easier navigation through the content. Moreover, the titles and meta description might not be very important criteria for ranking by Google but they do tell the readers more about your website and the web page. Writing titles, meta tags, meta description, and HTML tags is a great move to get more click-through from readers.

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