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6 Killer Tactics To Generate More Leads

Business & Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2017-08-28

6 Killer Tactics To Generate More Leads

Lead generation is the Holy Grail of every business; each of them is always on the lookout for ways to get maximum buyers from the traffic coming as passive browsers. Despite all the efforts, trade intelligence, marketing knowledge and increased budget, 80% of the businesses report that they are unable to generate the leads they require. In fact, 65% of the marketers feel that generating leads is the topmost challenge they face in the business world today. When the proven lead generation tactics like optimizing content, redesigning the website, automated marketing, guest blogging etc., failed to bring the desired results, top businesses started going out of their way to find exceptionally creative tactics that could boost their lead generation. The 6 killer lead generation tactics that will help your businesses to generate more leads are discussed below. Read on.

  • Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for generating more leads. It can help you build a strong online identity and at the same time also let you create a buzz with your brand. As per a report by Social Media Examiner, more than 90% of businesses indicate that with little more efforts, social media can offer 66% extra benefits in lead generation. It's not just with brand building and buzz creation that helps in lead generation, developing one on one relationship with the audience on social media can be very helpful as well.

  • Co-Market With Complementing Businesses

Most of the businesses shy away from the mere utterance of co-marketing. However, if done with your complementing business, co-marketing can be a great tool to get more leads in a short time. A local business that is selling services or products similar to your products but obviously not identical can be the perfect partner for co-marketing. Co-marketing not only reduces the financial burden by bringing two finances together but also lets you get insight on a different perspective of ideas from your semi-competitor. For example, business selling toothpaste can co-market with another selling toothbrush to start an innovative campaign and generate more leads for both the businesses.

  • Incentivized Customer Referral Program

Make sure that your current customers are happy because they can be a great lead generation tool. A happy customer is the best marketing tool as he/she would definitely talk about the product with their friends, family, and colleagues. Incentivize this customer referral program by offering wallet money, cash-backs, discount coupons, free goodies, and other add-on benefits to your customers for successful every referral. In fact, with this program, you also make sure that the customer is coming back to use the incentive gift. This way you are not only getting more leads but also retaining customers.

  • Reward For Employee Advocacy

Similar to customer referral program, you can promote employee advocacy by rewarding them for every lead they bring to your business. Offer incentives to your employees for advocating your brand on their social media profiles. Even a report by Pardot confirms that social media employee advocacy has increased by 191% in the past three years. Tap into their network of acquaintances by encouraging employee advocacy in your business. It is believed that people tend to be more inclined towards products that are referred by their known ones, so get your employees talking about your product and keep encouraging them for the same with rewards.

  • Build Relations With Influencers

If you still haven't built good relations with your industry influencers, it's time you start doing it. By having relations with the influencers of your industry, you will get continuous updates about the latest trends in the industry and even get an insight on your consumer's perspective. Not just that, building relations with influencers helps you get in touch with a completely new segment of target audience thus exposing new leads in your way. You can guest post on their blogs, start a conversation on various platforms and share their content on your site, giving special mentions to build relations. Leads would come pouring in once they start sharing and talking about your product on their page.

  • Host Giveaway Contests

Giveaway contests are one of the best ways to create a buzz and generate more leads for your business. Hosting giveaway contests have been accredited to be a big-time conversion rate optimization tool by a large number of businesses. You need to make sure that what you are giving away is actually useful for your audience and they would want to compete for that particular giveaway. It helps in lead generation by engaging audience on the social media and also through email subscriptions. This would encourage the user to come visiting the website for giveaway contents.

Final Thoughts

All your lead generation strategies can bring great outputs as long as the content you give is useful to your audience. The content should be engaging, unique and informative that will make the reader come back for more. Delve in creative content marketing for your business as it is capable of generating three times more leads with 62% less cost.

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