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5 Unique Small Business Ideas That Will Get You Inspired

Business & Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2017-06-16

5 Unique Small Business Ideas That Will Get You Inspired

Want to break the 9 to 5 routine and become your own boss?
Start a business of your own.
More than 400 million people must have had the same thought running through their minds when they decided to start their own business. More than that, the above statement also reflects the present state of mind of the million more who are planning to break their mundane routine and become entrepreneurs. This entrepreneurial drive, although being a must, is still just the start of the long journey that a person has to undertake while starting a small business. Great idea, passion, commitment and willingness to take on any challenge that comes the way are the four pillars that build a strong foundation for any business.

While an entrepreneurial mind is filled with passion, commitment and willingness, it is the idea where most of them get struck. To start a small business, it is crucial to have a great idea that is not only in demand but also unique enough to help you survive in the pool of other budding businesses. Below we have enlisted 5 examples of businesses that got great and unique ideas from the little things around them and made it to the top from mere scratch. After going through these small business success stories, you will realize that even the most common thing can inspire you and help you get started. So just read on

I Do Now I Don't

Post break-up, Josh Opperman had no clue on what to do with the engagement ring that his fianc has returned. He tried selling it to the retail shop but was offered far too less. This is when he got the idea of setting up his online businessI Do Now I Don't. Even though the idea may sound strange and sadist, but it worked wonders for Josh as the sad truth is that hundreds of breakups take place almost every day. This online marketplace allows people to sell their unused rings at price above the normal market rates. The rings are bought by the lovers who want to get an engagement ring at a fairly low price. As the business started soaring high, I Do Now I Don't expanded to other jewelry items as well.

Felicia Spahr

Felicia Spahr has set out an amazing example to all those who feel blank on how to use one's different strengths together for a successful career. Her passion and strengths include sales, client work, communication, and writing; she took these vague passions and turned them into a real business with Charisma and Confidence Training. She started out as a copywriting coach and soon turned to leadership coaching. Her online courses on charisma and confidence have helped her make more than $10,000 a month. This successful online business idea enabled Felicia to do what she loves without even stressing about the work timing.


Initially launched as a blog, today, Groupon has become an annual business of around US$3.14 billion. It has more than 50 million active users who are eagerly engaging with the website and buying the coupons and deals offered by Groupon. The secret behind the success of Groupon, as revealed in New York Times article, is its unique content and idea. According to David Streitfeld, "Groupon's breakthrough sprang not just from the deals but from an ingredient that was both unlikely and ephemeral: words." It posted blogs to announce coupons, discounts, deals and offers which were later repackaged as a Wordpress blog. Soon it realized that people showed a keen interest in offers and deals, and that's what led to the unique idea of Groupon site selling deals, offers, and coupons.

Mama & Little

Mama & Little was launched by Arleene in January 2014 few months after the birth of her son Archer. When her son started teething, she discovered that she could not wear all her jewelry items because of her son who was continuously pulling her jewelry items. This brought the idea of modern and fashionable silicone based jewelry that she could wear without a care of her son teething on them. Arleene says, We make the most functional jewelry a mom can wear! We're a fresh approach to silicone teething jewelry, designed with the modern mom in mind. Offering on-trend styles and colors created to be safe for their littles to touch, tug, and teethe on. We believe in making stylish multi-functional accessories to enhance mom's personal style in all stages of motherhood. Started on a shoestring budget of $1,500, today, Mama & Little is one of the most uniquely successful small businesses in the world.

Tasty Brand

Two health conscious moms started out with a mission to supply yummy baby food that was not just organic but also non-GMO verified. The two moms Liane Weintraub & Shannan Swanson were super conscious about the health of their babies and didn't want them to eat the unhealthy junk food. Instead of stopping their kids from eating the junk, they decided to opt for a healthier alternative to the snack items, and that's how Tasty Brand was established in 2008. Soon, they realized that organic yet tasty snacks should not just be for the kids and that's when they went decided to go for whole food. Today, they have many chains like Whole Foods, Fairway Tops etc., which make an approximate annual sale of over $2.5 million.


Look around and you will find a number of unique and creative ideas that would be perfect for starting a new online business. Remember, just like the successful small businesses discussed above, everyone starts out small and gradually makes it big with passion and commitment. Have patience and keep working hard to achieve great success in your endeavor.

2 thoughts on "5 Unique Small Business Ideas That Will Get You Inspired"

  • Mirriam
    02 August, 2019 at 12:01 am

    Yes, I totally agree. I think that it is really important to have patience and courage to grow a business. This article is really helpful for me. These small ideas are all very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this article.


  • Michael Andy
    25 September, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    Thanks a lot for sharing these small business success stories. These successful business stories will very helpful and inspire other people to get started with their businesses with their common great idea. BusinessPartners is an online business network that has the largest community of successful entrepreneurs from where you can get some more unique small business ideas with their real business success stories.


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