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5 Tremendous UX Design Skills To Look Out in 2020

Web Design | Poonam | Updated: 2019-11-22

5 Tremendous UX Design Skills To Look Out in 2020

Since all companies want to provide the best user experience to their clients, undoubtedly, the demand for UX designers is always high in the industry. Uh, ok, that wouldn't work. Let me start again. So, we're familiar with UX designing and if you're reading this, I'm sure that you possess some knowledge about UX designing. I'm a UX designing maven in a website designing company who is keen on assisting UX designers in the industry. I'll be honest with you all. Being a UX designer is not everyone's cup of tea. It requires a distinguishable skillset and it is more than sift skills like user empathy, ability to communicate, and peer brainstorming.

Times have changed and the UX realm is ever-evolving. I can assure you that the aforementioned skillset is not what a website designing company will ponder on prior to hiring a UX designer. They seek more than the stereotypical skillset. We're familiar with the concept of having the right skillset lands you in the right job. The same applies to those who are seeking a job as a UX designer in a website designing company. What skillset is needed, peruse ahead and find out.

Website Designing Companies Seek These Qualities

I've been in the industry for over a decade and have witnessed changes. By going through it, I can understand the actual definition of user empathy. I'll talk about what companies consider before roping in the right UX designer.

  • Emanating Technologist & Learner
  • In my ten years of profession, I saw my perceptions changing with the advancement in technology. Previously, being stuck to just technology and operating it single-handedly were sufficing to bag a job opportunity as a UX designer. Today, the requirements have changed and website designing companies, worldwide, prefer those candidates who are familiar with new technology and software in the UX stream.
  • If you're familiar and can work on the latest technology, congratulation buddy, there are several vacancies waiting for you. In case you've not yet mastered particular software, better buckle up because things would choke you in case you do not familiarize yourself with new software.
  • Efficient Handling of Feedbacks
  • When you're working for a website designing company in India or any part of the world, you're not the lone wolf. There's a complete pack and you're a member. Since teamwork is the synonym for UX designing, every designer is accompanied by additional brains working in collaboration. It is beneficial because the work can be handled smoothly.
  • Having this quality is a must because UX designers are bound to receive feedback through various channels. It can be your colleague seated right next to you, a content developer from another department, your boss or the client himself! By handling the feedback in the right manner, you can portray amazing self-organized ability.
  • Consistently Seeking Information
  • To be an excellent decision-maker, it is a must for the UXD to remain hungry for information. The reason why I'm saying so is that designing the UI is a hard nut to crack. Without gathering the right information, a UX designer cannot conclude the right reason. By acquiring all the essential chunks of the information, any developer can carve out amazing UX design. This is because everything is concluded from the user's point of view.
  • One of my colleagues tried this hack and trust me he nailed it. He and his entire team were working on a project and they acquired every chunk of the client's information by catching up with him every two days. This gesture assured the client of his work being done and simplified the drill for UX designers.
  • Storytelling Is An Art
  • A website designing company in India or any part of the world emphasizes on lucrative narration. It is the culmination of different ideas that help to conclude the right solution through the right approach. Compelling imagery, data/fact-driven information, and a story that targets the emotion are the ingredients that make a UX designer more dominant. With this, your UX design can become even effective.
  • You should be visually creative as well. Since UX designing is highly graphic, every website designing company expects designers to be creative. In a nutshell, you should be able to demonstrate your solutions in a creative manner. This essential skill plays a key role in offering better job opportunities in the field of UX designing.
  • Do You Even Code?

So designers are expected just to design the UI, right? Well, I'm going to shed off some dirt from your glasses. Website designing companies adore investing in UI designers who can do some coding as well! I remember a millennial that was proficient in designing and coding alike. He was able to bring the best within a couple of days. And guess what? Designers who can code earn better than those who just design.

We'll Meet Soon

Without being skeptical, it is essential to master the turf level for conquering the empire of UX designing. Your foundation needs to be sturdy enough to hold the weight and make your way uphill. With that said, if you're already a UX designer, utilize the aforesaid tips and it will give you everything that you need, just like Aladdin's magic lamp!

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