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5 Surefire SEO Techniques To Increase Website Ranking In 2017

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Last Updated: 2017-09-11

5 Surefire SEO Techniques To Increase Website Ranking In 2017

In order to keep a fine tuning with the constant algorithms updates, the sagacious digital marketers keep tweaking their search engine optimization strategies. This makes SEO a very volatile industry. The hacks that led to high ranking, in just a few months turn obsolete or even cause an unexpected drop in the SERP ranking. Hence, it is inevitable for the SEO professionals to stay abreast with the latest SEO techniques to win first-page ranking. And I know the question just pooped in your mind is , What are the latest SEO techniques to rank higher?
According to Google's Gary Illyes, the leading SEO technique for 2017 would be the increased launch of mobile-friendly AMPs. He says, Well I guess you can guess that we are going to focus more and more on machine learning. Pretty much everywhere in the search. But it will not take over the core algorithm. So that's one thing. The other thing is that there is a very strong push for AMP everywhere. And you can expect more launches around that.
This leaves us with one of the most important techniques; that is the launch of AMPs or the mobile-friendliness of websites. To know about some other latest SEO techniques that are dominating the SEO industry in 2017, keep reading further. This write-up contains the 5 modern SEO techniques that are a sure shot way to increase website ranking in 2017.

Write At Least 1,890 Words For Each Page
A research conducted by Backlinko on 1 million searches concluded that average word count of the first search engine result page was 1,890, with the top five results having more than 1,900 words. That leaves us to the realization that longer content ranks higher than a shorter one. In order to rank higher on search engines in 2017, having a long content is indispensable. However, that does not mean compromising the quality of the content because quality still remains the priority of both the user as well as search engines. You can choose your high ranked content and increase its length by updating quality information to rank even higher on the same page.

Focus On YouTube Optimization
You must have noticed 1-2 video results showing up on various search engine result pages. According to a study by Tubular Insights, 55% of keyword search return at least one video as the first-page result. Targeting and ranking for these videos is much simpler than usual keyword targeting. YouTube SEO can be performed in some simple steps to rank for the first page for a specific keyword. The file name, video title as well as the video description on YouTube should have the relevant keywords in them and should be longer than at least 5 minutes to get a higher ranking. Trying YouTube SEO and optimizing videos can open the door to much-fancied first search engine result page.

Ensure 1%-3% Keyword Density
Gone are the days when search engine optimization was synonymous to keyword stuffing. Today, it is all about the right keyword density to get your content to rank higher. While the keyword density can be between 1% and 3%, the optimum density for any keyword is calculated to be 1.5%. These keywords should not just be your researched focus words but also include their synonyms and LSI keywords. However, it should not look like you have deliberately tried to add keywords in your content or else it may lead to over optimization penalty due to keyword spamming. The ideal places to add your keyword are in the title tags, URL, heading, beginning and end of the content and in the image link, ALT Tag etc.

Mobile-Friendliness Is On Its Peak
There would be nothing new if we said that mobile phones responsiveness is inescapable in present online landscape. However, it would certainly come as a surprise if we told you that mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches and over 60% of the total searches are performed on mobile phones every day. If you have been carefully following the algorithm updates of Google, you must have realized that the last few updates have been throwing the spotlight on nothing but mobile-friendliness of websites. The supercharged launch of AMPs and with mobile-first indexing soon to be launched by Google, mobile-friendliness for websites has certainly reached its peak. Your SEO efforts should be focused on creating a more mobile-friendly website and, more so, on launching AMPs in 2017 to gain higher SERP ranking.

Speed Up Your Site
Google started using site speed as a ranking factor in 2010 and has, since then, been putting more emphasis on site speed. Many studies reveal that a majority of the users want a website to load in less than 2 seconds and would rather click the back button if the page does not open up in maximum 3 seconds. Site speed can be improved by clearing out the mess on the website or by reducing their size. Jumping to a fast hosting company, optimizing the database, compressing the resources, caching the elements, limiting the use of unnecessary plugins and using the content delivery network are some of the proven ways to boost site speed by many seconds.
SEO is rapidly changing to offer outstanding user-experience. You need to stay abreast with the latest SEO trends and follow them religiously in your marketing strategy to rank higher on various search engines. An unswerving focus on user intent mixed with the five modern SEO tips would definitely be your recipe for successful SEO. Try them now and see your SERP ranking skyrocketing.

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