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5 Simple Marketing Tips To Promote Your Mobile App

App Development | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-03-16

5 Simple Marketing Tips To Promote Your Mobile App

Bringing together the best mobile app developers and web application developers in India to give your app idea a real outlook would only go in vain if you do not invest the right efforts in marketing it to the targeted audience. With the evolution in mobile app technology, number of mobile apps in different app stores reaching 6 billion, and the internet of things revolutionizing mobile app development, having an app just for the sake of having one and not promoting it through the right tactics and channels will make your app disappear in the pool of mobile apps. To make sure you app sails through the tides of competition and reaches your users on the shore, it is important to put in the right efforts to market it in the world. If you are also an organization seeking to get its app out in the world, here are some of the simple app marketing tips to promote your mobile application.

Wisely Choose The App Store & Category

One of the key factors to ensure your mobile app performs great among the target users is to add it on the right platform and especially in the right category. The last thing you'd want for your app is to be stuck in the black hole of the wrong category. Although the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are leading the charts with 3.3 million and 2.2 million apps respectively, there are many other app stores that can be targeted as per the audience base. Amazon AppStore, GetJar, Aptoide, Opera Mobile Store, MyApp Tencent, etc., should also be considered for effective marketing. The app category also determines that it attracts the right users who will be interested in your app and ensure its high ranking on the same.

Partner With Mobile Marketing Expert

Employing an in-house digital marketing team wouldn't suffice to take your mobile app at the top charts. Marketing in the mobile world has a number of challenges like creating a mobile buyer persona, understanding the app usage analytics, utilizing the mobile app stats for app development, etc.A mobile marketing expert is what your company needs to effectively market your app in the app world. The expertise brought in by a dedicated mobile marketer can help you blend the advanced mobile technologies and trends with your app development to have an app that ranks at the top of app stores.

Incentivize User Promotions

Once the app store and category are chosen and a marketing strategy has been put to place, the next step is to boost promotions. A quick and simple way to ensure your app becomes popular among the users and gets shared for more downloads is by incentivizing referrals and shares of the app. This is one of the most cost-effective yet result-oriented ways to get your app to reach out to the same-interest people. Offer an in-app tell your friend or invite your friend or share with friend feature in the app and offer free vouchers, cash backs, wallet money, etc., for each new referral made. This ends up making your users your marketers and you can just sit back and relax while they gather their friends to use your app.

Fetch Reviews & Ratings

Another great way to promote the app is by getting as many genuine reviews and ratings for your app as possible. Getting short reviews of your app and the experience that comes with it or simply giving star ratings for your apps on the app world can make your app more worthy and attractive to the target audience. Moreover, it also boosts your app's ranking in the mobile search and app store search. You can also incentivize this and offer simple benefits to attract the users to write a review.

Optimize The Description

Content plays a crucial role in the promotion of your app on the app stores as well. Having the right set of keywords after extensive research can help in getting your app rank higher during app search by the user. In fact, it can also help in getting ranked in the mobile search result pages in case the keywords match the user's search query. It should not just be highlighting the main capabilities, features, and benefits of the app but also include the keywords for its optimization. The appearance of the app, i.e., the app logo and the screenshots attached with the description should also be kept in mind to ensure that you are on-point with your app store optimization.

Once the app has started performing well, focusing on its KPIs or key performance indicators instead of the revenue or downloads can help in drafting a better and more effective promotional strategy. It is important to have a mobile app for your business but more importantly, it is indispensable to push it further with marketing. Reaching out to the masses with an intuitive mobile app would not just increase brand awareness but also drive more revenue and sales. So, employ a fully-dedicated team for the promotion of your mobile application.

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