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15 Eye-Opening Mobile App Stats To Guide You In App Development

App Development | Admin | Updated: 2019-02-15

15 Eye-Opening Mobile App Stats To Guide You In App Development

With our smartphones becoming our all-time companions, the apps in them know and reveal more about our interests, past-time hobbies, behavior, and much more. The apps on our mobile phones have transformed the way we connect with people, share our thoughts, make purchases, manage business, and even pass time. Businesses and tech-heads across all verticals of the world have identified the power of mobile apps and the growing inclination of internet and smartphone users towards them. They are coming up with new and mobile app ideas that have the power to engage the users and go take the app stores by storm. If you also have a killer mobile app idea or and are planning to discuss it with a mobile app development company in India, the statistics given below will definitely guide you. With these stats in mind, you can rest assured that your mobile app would turn out to be a success in the app world.

  • While there are more than 2.6 billion mobile phone subscriptions (read as smartphone) today, this number is predicted to skyrocket and cross the 6 billion mark by 2020.
  • More than 178 billion mobile apps were downloaded in the year 2017, 194 million in the year 2018. This number is predicted to experience a constant increase of 45% in the next five years and is expected to cross 258 billion mobile app downloads by the end of 2022.
  • A 2017 Statista survey revealed that there are more than 2.8 million mobile apps on the Google Play Store itself. Apple App Store, on the other hand, had over 2.2 million mobile apps by 2017; making a grand total of 4 million mobile apps.
  • The time spent by users on their hand-held mobile phones surpassed the average time spent by users on desktops or laptops in 2016. Mobile consumes 3 hours of their day while only 2.2 hours are spent by users on desktops.
  • The money spent by mobile app users on the applications increased by more than 75% in the past two years. At present, app users across the world are spending nearly $101 billion for apps they feel add value. If you want your app to stay in the smartphones of your targeted users, it is important to make it crash-prone. According to a recent study, nearly 71% of all the mobile app uninstalls take place because of crashing.
  • Swiftness is the key to keep the users engaged with your mobile app. As per a study, more than 43% of the mobile app users tend to switch apps in case it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Not just that, 70% of app users will uninstall the app if it usually takes a long time to load on the mobile phone.
  • If you are planning to get some app idea, know that 24.86% of all the mobile apps on all app stores are gaming apps. Not just that nearly 65% of all the smartphone owners across the world have at least one gaming application installed on their phone.
  • If you are searching for a category to target in the mobile app world, social networking (20%), music apps (18%), and multimedia apps (10%) are at the top three positions respectively on the list of apps on which highest time is spent by users.
  • Amazon, Gmail, and Facebook are the three apps that have got everyone addicted and are considered as the most essential apps by the users. While Amazon is on top, Gmail and Facebook are closely following at the second and third positions respectively. Apps like these can easily make their ways into the smartphones of the users.
  • Talking about the user-base, the users aged between 18years and 24 years spend the most time on mobile apps (3.2 hours every day). These are the most active users and apps targeting them could be a great way to get more downloads.
  • Your app logo also plays a critical role in making your app stay in the users smartphones for a long time. Around 21% of the millennials accepted to have deleted a mobile app because they did not like its logo. So, make sure your app logo has the right color schemes and design elements to live up to the user's expectations.
  • Data usage is considered to be one of the top deciding factors for users to like or dislike a mobile app. More than 37% of the users agreed to have deleted or disliked an app because of the amount of data it consumed. While developing an app, ensure that it does not eat up a lot of users data.
  • Interface inconsistency is one of the top reasons why more than 58% of the users are frustrated with mobile apps. Moreover, 52% are unhappy with the overall experience offered by the app performance. To make sure people stay happy, developers should pay extra attention to improving the performance of the app.
  • Mobile app experience plays a critical role in the way your brand is perceived by your target audience. Nearly 65% of the users form a negative impression about a particular brand if its mobile app is not on par with their expectations.

Once you have these stats in mind, you can also go through the 5 simple tips to make your mobile app successful. Having a mobile app is certainly the tool to gain a competitive edge and succeed in the world of evolving technology. Make sure you have a killer idea and consult an experienced mobile app developer or reputed mobile app development company for the creation of your mobile app.

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    24 April, 2019 at 2:04 am

    Great Post! You can also read the eye-opening mobile app stats to guide you in your development. This information along with the statistics would help in ensuring success for the application.


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