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5 Effective Ways To Increase Sales Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2017-09-19

5 Effective Ways To Increase Sales Using Social Media Marketing

Today, social media is not just a medium of entertainment or socializing with family and friends, it has become an integral part of business marketing plans as well. Webmasters are deploying social media marketing at the top in their strategies to increase the reach and making the full use of a live, active user base. Social media is interactive, and that's what facilitate marketers to interact with the people and talk with them rather than just talking to them. Owing to this power of communication, this medium of marketing is delivering measurable results in leads, branding and eventually sales, and all this in a way less budget than other marketing techniques.

According to Josh James, the founder of Omniture, Social media isn't a passing fad. The primary reason you have to be social is because that is where your customers live. And as a business person, you wouldn't negate that you have to be where your customers are to connect and interact with them for an effective marketing campaign for increased sales. That said; in this blog post, we have jotted down the five most effective tips that will help you increase your sales in business using social media marketing. Incorporate them into your marketing strategy and see visible results in your sales in just a few months.

Share Relevant Content Daily

One of the best ways to increase sales in business is to keep the audience engaged with the interesting content. Share captivating yet useful content with the users on social media so that they keep visiting your social media profiles for more content. Give value content to your customers on various social media platforms to boost the traffic and get more people to visit your page. This will bring more loyal customers to your website and in turn increase sales. Research the topics that are trending in your industry using various tools before creating content to grab the attention of the audience.

Strike Where The Iron Is Hot

A little tweaking to the original quote strike when the iron is hot and you're good to go with an effective mantra for higher engagement on social media marketing. You need to understand where your target audience is and target your efforts towards winning their attention and trust. Just posting content on social media would not suffice; you need to recognize your opportunities out in the social world before hitting with your marketing campaigns. Putting ads, posting content, sharing videos, optimizing images, and holding contests would only bring fruitful results if they are marketed directly to a viable and interested crowd. Instead of bringing higher sales, you would only be losing your resources in striking without knowing when and where to strike. Tools like Facebook Graph can be handy here to analyze the audience.

Integrate Video Marketing

Video content is leading the social media world in 2017 and if you want to leverage the power of social media, you need to integrate video marketing into your social media marketing strategy. From promotional videos to descriptive ones, videos are the biggest rage among the millennial this year. Live videos would become bigger this year with more than 43% of the marketers using this trend in their marketing strategy. Offering live video experience of behind the scene videos, teasers, launches etc., through the latest Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snapchat or Periscope options are enough to create a buzz and make the customer anticipate for your product or service to hit the market.

In-Channel Purchase Options

Social selling and social commerce can be a great way to increase sales. According to a Forbes report, sales reps that used social commerce confirmed to have outsold their peers by 78% and closed successful deals on social media. For this very reason, having in-channel purchase option is imperative to boost sales this year. Various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have already allowed instant purchase options. Make use of these options to provide in-channel purchase and direct any interested customer directly to the website's product/service page for instant checkout.

Influencer Marketing On Social Media

Get connected with influencers on social media to gather more brand advocates. This type of influencer marketing is gaining momentum on social media and can be easily used by businesses to get more leads and ultimately increased sales. It is proven by many types of research that customers trust reviews and recommendations more than the brand while making any type of sale online. Find your industry influencers and get connected with them to get more traffic by targeting their entire network of social followers. By getting top-of-the-funnel influencers as your brand advocates, you can influence more people to trust your brand and increase sales eventually.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and many more are some of the most powerful tools for global communication and with the right content and effective marketing strategy, you can easily leverage the power of this medium to your advantage. By following the aforementioned tips, you can effectively use social media for marketing and increase your sales. Try them dedicatedly for six months and see your sales graph going high.

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  • Nishant Rao
    26 September, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    Hi Anurag, It was nice blog. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog. This blog gives best idea on increasing sales with help of using social media marketing.


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