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3S For Better ROI

Tips & Tutorial | Admin | Last Updated: 2012-03-16

3S For Better ROI

You are living in a digital age. Information is now available at the scroll of the mouse wheel and the click of a button. You can find more online stores and establishments compared to shops that have bricks and mortar. Thus you will find it quite logical that online businesses should have effective online marketing strategies. So, for all you budding online business entrepreneurs, the popular terms and acronyms associated with online marketing are discussed below.

  • Search Engine Optimization/ SEO

What did you do the last time you searched some product or service? If your answer is looked for it online, then you are on the right track. Thus for any business owner looking to advertise his business, the first thing on the checklist should be Search Engine Optimization. You should keep in mind that graphics and Flash implement the content in the graphics as a result of which the search engines cannot index them in the process. The result would be a website that is appealing to the traffic but invisible to the search engines.

  • Social Media Optimization/ SMO

In today's world, where social networks are gaining in popularity, many advertisers are walking the wrong track by buying on a CPM basis. They can switch to paying on a CPC basis where they pay only for the clicks they get. This can help them save money spent unnecessarily. You can also use the social networking in a more intelligent way by using it to pass the word.

  • Search Engine Marketing/ SEM

This is essentially paid searches which route traffic to your website. These ads are designed to attract the attention of the visitors. They are targeted at the terms and products the user searches. They are paid on the basis of clicks received.

The successful implementation of the online strategies mentioned above brings you ROI. It means Return on Investment i.e. money made or saved. Thus efficient usage and execution of the effective optimization and marketing strategies ultimately translates into excellent returns on the money invested.

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