2010, what is in trend for web designs ?


With the beginning of New Year 2010, your web designing
approaches should be reincarnated, in spite of the fact that the changes do not hold great significance as in 2009 or little earlier. The ideological changes in designers’ approaches and techniques are sure fetch better results and cater exactly to the people’s demands, who require something new in the New Year.


In this blog we are going to talk about the latest web designing trends in 2010, which if followed subtly, could turn your imagination into highly profitable business.


  1. Replace splash page with oversized headers or logos
    This is the newest trend to be followed in 2010. An oversized header or logo takes the entire page & captivates visitors, though care has been taken over the “Clicking Links” as web users have a clicking phobia (because of conventional poor navigation).
  2. Incorporate sketch or hand drawing in design style
    A hand drawn design always attracts visitors with maximum appeal. Further, a hand drawn web design is also almost impossible to be followed as it reflects the personalized design style of a designer. With sketches or hand-drawings, the clarity of your thoughts gets distinction from the cold web designs, which is a favorable aspect in 2010.
  3. Emphasize Slab Typefaces
    The growing demand of users has given balanced impetus to the use of slab typefaces. They supplement larger headers of the web pages and easily catch the attention of readers. Earlier, a number of designer used to avoid slab typefaces as they were smaller and understated.
  4. Consider Technological Change in OSs and Graphic Software
    Always keep yourself updated of the changes that are being made or under process that will affect the desktop viewing experience of a user. Almost every operating system development company and software development company keep on updating their products, hence it’s imperative to keep your web design style updated with the 2010’s operating systems as well as graphic software.
  5. Make your design more interactive
    To bolster your web design style, a host of elements of Flash should be exploited cleverly. In 2010, the average web user will be more tech savvy than ever. Therefore, your design should aptly cater their needs, especially in context of graphics.
  6. Bring in oversized footer in website
    In 2010, you should replace the rickety footers with the oversized ones, as they will overemphasize the design appeal. As a part of the newest trend, you should include some information on the footer that would appear randomly during web page browsing.

Replace your web design strategy and tune it up to cater the emerging trends of 2010 after following the above-mentioned facts. These points shall definitely help you refurbish the web design aspects in your website.

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