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5 Simple Tips To Make Your Android App Successful

App Development | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2018-06-19

5 Simple Tips To Make Your Android App Successful

Today, Android mobile operating system is ruling the mobile app development industry with more than 60% of the total market share. Android app development is a low-cost solution that helps the businesses in extending their online reach through an engaging experience. It is compatible with hundreds of mobile devices and can easily target the 800 million Android users present worldwide. Majority of businesses are leveraging the power of Android app to reach out to this large audience base and boost their online visibility. However, they have to face a tough competition and they also have to ensure that their app survives and succeeds in the highly competitive world. This write-up comprises of some simple tips to guarantee success in your Android app development efforts. So without wasting any more time, let's get started on the 5 simple tips to make your Android app successful.

Go For A Free Or Freemium Version

Everyone loves things that come free. Monetization of the Android app can be done via various other means like in-app purchases, advertisements etc. But monetizing the app by asking money for download can be a big turn off. Until and unless you have an app without which the target audience cannot survive, it is always great to keep the Android app free of cost. You can have the users at the word FREE during the launch itself. Free Android apps have way more download and user statistics than premium apps. If a premium app is your sole revenue model, offer a free trial period of at least 30 days to make the users addicted to your app. The freemium version of apps also increases the odds of users downloading the app and contributing to its success.

Promote The App On Social Media Channels

Today, social media is ubiquitous, mainstream, and evolving. The number of social media users increased by 13% and reached a whopping 3.196 billion in 2018. Android app developers not promoting their apps on a platform that has more than 3 billion users would be missing out on a promising opportunity. Promoting the app on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat etc., can be a great way to make your app successful. A powerful trailer for the app, effective and informative content, blogs, social media influencers and micro-influencers, and consistent social media marketing can be great in promoting the Android app on social media channels. There are various other social media tricks to promote your mobile app to make it successful.

Roll-Out Upgrades With New Features

Who doesnt like upgrades for any glitches or newer features? To make the Android app successful, it is imperative that you keep rolling out new updates for your app. Newer upgrades keep the users engaged and help in boosting their trust. Adding innovative features to the app keeps the enthusiasm of the users on the peak and also increases the visibility of the app on the app store. Keep rolling new updates to match any guidelines offered by Android platform. Make sure your app does not stagnate or users will lose interest in your app with time.

Incorporate Virality Within

Android apps that have some built-in virality in their core functionality are way more successful than apps that do not have any viral component. Apps like Instagram, Facebook etc., have become so successful as they encourage the users to invite others to the platform to share their posts and images. These apps attract a network of new users which makes them a success. To make the Android app successful, ensure that your app has some built-in virality that encourages the users to invite their friends. Get micro-influencers of your audience base to use and promote your app among their followers to make your app an overnight success.

Track & Measure The Results

The success of an Android app does not solely depend on the launch success. The Android app developers have to keep a tab on the metrics regarding the user behavior and their response towards the app. Funnel tracking to track the user behavior from acquisition to conversion, cost per acquisition, lifetime value, revenue target, and ROI are some of the metrics that the top mobile app development companies in India track and measure to know the results of their efforts. Knowing what the users want from your Android app, what type of actions drive more clicks and which sources bring in the highest users is indispensable for any apps success. You should keep a track of what's happening inside the app and measure the results to know what's working for your online presence and what updates need to be done to the app.

Above all, to make your Android app successful, make sure that it has a great UI to offer the best user experience to all the users. An Android app with an intuitive user interface and an interesting UX can engage the users effectively. So follow these simple tips in your Android app development, launch and promotion to make it successful.

5 thoughts on "5 Simple Tips To Make Your Android App Successful"

  • Mobile App Onboarding: How It Can Boost User Retention - Blogs
    05 July, 2019 at 10:40 am

    Great Post! aware of your app and know its value to stay on it for long. You can also find many other simple tips to make your android app successful on this.


  • devtechnosys
    10 October, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Great Post & thanks for sharing


  • Shreya Aggarwal
    07 September, 2018 at 10:15 am

    Great advice to be sure! Making an Android app successful is not merely an idea but it can be made successful. Thanks for making it so easy and simple! Much appreciated!


  • Rohit Singh
    07 September, 2018 at 10:21 am

    In the present scenario, Social media can be of much help! I have used social media to promote an Android app and to be honest, I got really a good response from the users. The only thing is your app should be worth using. Thanks a lot.


  • Nadeem
    28 July, 2018 at 5:06 am

    hi, Thanks for sharing this type of information, it is so useful for me. This is the perfect post to comment on because its based on exactly the same topic as I want, excellent post nice work keep it up thanks for sharing the knowledge


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